13 Types Of Weird Yogas We bet You Never Even Heard About!



Yoga: It’s great for meditation, limbering up and your blood pressure.  It’s been growing in popularity as a form of exercise in western culture since the 1980s,with interest spiking around 2001 and staying high.

Unfortunately, nothing stays exciting for too long and we find new ways to mix traditional beliefs with the modern lifestyle. From new moms to animal lovers to naked, there’s a yoga fit for almost everyone.

Check out 13 types of yoga practices that are simply out of the ordinary.

  Nude Yoga

nude yoga

Naked yoga is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s yoga that you practice in the nude. This particular style of yoga’s been practiced in one form or another since ancient times, and began being practiced in Europe in the mid 1980s, usually among naturists. Alongside the usual health benefits of yoga, naked yoga practitioners claim that the practice multiplies those health benefits, as well as trains the practitioners in body acceptance (of both their own and others), and achieving a sense of separation from worldly possessions while calming their active minds. However, it can be difficult to adjust to, especially in classes open to all genders, and you’re probably going to want to bring your own mat.



It’s also called ‘Yoga Doggie Style’, and is yoga practiced with your dog. Developed by Suzi Teitelman, doga is a partner yoga class, where your partner is your pet. The dogs take part in the postures, either by holding the pet during poses or through massage. Doga often has a much shorter session period than the average yoga class, about twenty minutes. Doga has the same health benefits as a regular yoga class, but that your pet also shares in those benefits, as well as it strengthening the bond between dog and dog-owner.

 Cannabis Yoga

cannabis yoga

Lord Shiva from Hindu Mythology was known to consume cannabis before entering into a deep meditative state. The same principles are used in the practice of Cannabis Yoga now that more states are increasingly sanctioned legal use of the drug. 4:20 Remedy Yoga is a class in Los Angeles that encourages you to get high before turning up for the Yoga session.

 Yoga Raves

yoga raves

Yoga and raves are two concepts that don’t normally mix in a sentence, ever. But now, thanks to the Art of Living Foundation, the two go together as naturally as yoga and vegetarianism. During the four hour rave you can expect to meditate, bust your moves and even chow down on some gourmet vegetarian grub.

The Yoga Rave website says: “At the party one can enjoy both music & silence. It all begins with some yoga to warm up the body & continues with an easy guided meditation that leaves attendees in the ideal state to hear So What Project!’s opening chords & slowly begin connecting with the music. At the end of the night there is another meditation.”

 Stripper Pole Yoga

pole yoga

We’ve had yoga on an animal and while floating on water; a stripper pole was just inevitable.Technically we see the connection here. The strength needed to hoist yourself around a pole and hold the positions are similar to trickier yoga poses.

Maybe yoga round a stripper pole is just injecting a bit more fun into it all while taking your poses to another level of strength – we’re not sure if traditional yogis will agree.

 SUP Yoga

sup yoga

The big benefit of SUP yoga, or Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga, is to focus on your strength, flexibility, and balance reflexes, as demonstrated by the lady below at the Jebel Ali Golf Resort in Dubai. The very fact that you are on an unstable surface in the middle of the ocean means that you get an automatic muscle workout while being bobbed about soothingly by the sea. Sounds great!

  Aerial Yoga

aerial yoga

Aerial Yoga, also called Antigravity yoga, was invented by aerial performer Christopher Harrison, a former gymnast and Broadway choreographer. It involves performing a series of exercises inspired by yoga, combined with aerial acrobatics in a hammock-like apparatus, in order to achieve a total body workout. Not only can it give you a fit and fabulous body, it is also incredibly fun to do.

 Tantrum Yoga


This emerging type of yoga includes dance and vocal exercises to the traditional routine of breathing and stretching. It is called tantrum yoga because you are encouraged to release your stress by screaming, chest-pounding, yelling and stomping.

 Equine Yoga

equine yoga

Horseback yoga encourages bonding with an equine partner in mental and physical harmony. Classes usually involve standing with a horse in a series of yoga poses while focusing on breathing. A series of stretches for both horse and human follow, and once a foundation between partners is established, yoga poses can be continued on horseback. The horse, through its movement, challenges its human partner to remain focused, present and balanced.

 Mommy And Me Yoga

mommy yoga

This particular type of yoga is designed to strengthen the bond between mother and child while also giving both of them a healthy workout. The yoga exercises are supposed to help the babies with their motor skills while also stimulating their overall development.

 Karaoke Yoga

karaoke yoga

Karaoke yoga practitioners sing, dance, sweat and stretch their way to joy and physical fitness in a group setting. While the workout is a little more loose than in conventional yoga–classes include dj, tv screens to follow lyrics and even an “air guitar” pose–the traditional yogic objectives of connection, focus and balance remain.

 Goat Yoga

goat yoga

It offers Yoga Classes with 360-degree views of the Coastal Mountains and the beautiful Willamette Valley – all while adorable, friendly and loving goats wander around and hope to get snuggled by the humans. It’s been touted by the media as the greatest Yoga class of all time and necessary for any bucket list!

 Beer Yoga

beer yoga

Beer Yoga is the marriage of two great loves – beer and yoga. Both are centuries-old therapies for body, mind and soul. The joy of drinking beer and the mindfulness of yoga compliment each other, and make for an energizing experience.






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