15 Weird Days that are Actually Celebrated & You Didn’t Know About


Celebrating various days is just another way to get rid of our routines and do something refreshing. However, doing something different might sometimes mean heck different. There are literally so many days around the world that if we celebrated each of them with a holiday, we would never go to work at all. However, some of them are just so wacky and weird that they are hard to believe. So, here are 15 of those weird days that hard to believe but are actually celebrated around the world!

1. All Our Uncles are Monkeys Day
Also known as Evolution Day, All Our Uncles are Monkeys Day is celebrated on Nov 24th on anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s  book “On the Origin of Species” in 1859.

2. International Skeptics Day
On 13th January, International Skeptics day reminds people of power of skeptics! It is celebrated in honor of people who never accept anything without doubt!

3. Everything You do is Right Day
16th March is celebrated as “Everything You Do Is Right” day to cheer up the days in the year when all your decisions go right.  Usually almost every day of our life consists of both good and bad decisions.

4. Male Watchers Day
January 8th is ladies’ day for hooting and hollering as on this day, ladies go out and watch males just like the males stare females. Popular places include beaches, dirty jobs etc where men are often found dressed less!

5. Lame Duck Day
February 6th is celebrated as Lame Duck Day to recall the people who are just about to be ditched or dumped from somewhere. For example, an employee who is soon to be kicked out from his company or a politician who has just lost in elections.

6. Public Sleeping Day
On February 28th, people head out of their home and sleep in public in night. The places may range from park benches to footpaths!

7. Extra Terrestrial Abductions Day
20th March is celebrated as Extra Terrestrial Abductions day and people spend their day reading UFO and extraterrestrial stories on this day.

8. Hairstyle Appreciation Day
30th April is celebrated as Hairstyle Appreciation Day to appreciate the various types of hairstyles created by people around the world and over the time. On this day, many people make their own hairstyle and show it off with pride.

9. Lost Sock Memorial Day
May 9th is Lost sock Memorial Day and on this day, people spend a little time searching for their missing socks in drawers and removing the remaining ones from it!

10. Go For Broke Day
On 5th April, people try their luck on gambling and risk everything ranging from their money to their wives till they are broke!

11. Monkey Around Day
On June 14th, people literally ‘go ape’ and do anything they like to do just like our ancestors—monkeys!

12. National Nude Day
On 14th July, nudists and nudist clubs all around the world celebrate National Nude day by reaching together at beaches, clubs and places without any sort of clothes. However, people joining these groups are not perverts, but the ones who believe our body is beautiful thing and it is to be showed!

13. Wiggle Your Toes Day
On August 6th, people just free their toes out of shoes and keep them soaked in pool of water and free air.

14. Count Your Buttons Day
21th October is celebrated in honor of the people who have absolutely nothing to do except to count buttons.

15. Bathtub Party Day
On 5th December, people are in Christmas fever and celebrate Bathtub Party Day by keeping themselves soaked in bathtubs full of lukewarm water with their friends and food.

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