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25 Badly Timed Bollywood Pics That'll Give You All the Weird Feelings

We all have our good and bad times, but being a celebrity puts extra weight on both of them. Such is a case of Bollywood celebs who every now and then come into limelight due to their unintentional and sometimes intentional behavior that they never expected to affect their career such badly. If you're a Bollywood fan too, you would definitely enjoy such weird and badly timed pics of Bollywood celebs. Here are 25 of such weird ass celebrity pics of Bollywood that were perefectly, badly timed and gave us all kind of feelings at once! 

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Abhishek-Aishwarya's Dubai Villa is Astoundingly Beautiful

Everyone wishes a home that feels more like a dream than reality. Despite we start our family as soon as we get married; the true happiness of family feels only when you have a beautiful, soothing home to calm your nerves as soon as you get back from the world outside. It seems like Abhishek and Aishwarya have found such home for them too. They have just bought a luxurious & sprawling new villa in Dubai. And their house has everything you'd look for in your dream house.

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This is What Your Partner’s Kiss Reveals About Their Love

Kissing is a very important part of relationships. When you’re in love with someone, physical contact is often the strongest way to express your affection and care towards them and kissing is probably the starting point of it. Though kiss may look a natural instinct of your partner, it is deeply involved with psychology. The way your partner kisses you can reveal a lot about them in context of your love. So here are different types of kisses and their meaning in context of your love.

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