Dacoit Life

Ever had a craving so bad that it became your identity? This is the story of Tim stallion, a lonely boy with a weird fixation for horses. Soon, Tim joins a band of bandits not to loot but to ride horses and look bad ass while he did so. The authorities soon cracked down on this gang of looters and ambushed the bandits before their raid. Tim, sensing that he might lose his steed; rode away. For days it was just Tim and his loyal steed until one day, while getting some water from the nearby creek, he witnessed something so beautiful, so pure, so green and so heavenly that he forgot all about his horse.

Where is Tim today? Well, it all turned out fine for little timmy. He’s happily stoned and has a little cave to himself in the Himalayas. The horse, well let’s not get into that. So this is a tribute to Tim’s horse. The unappreciated steed that the world forgot and so did Tim.