5 tyoes of t-shirt styles all men should own

Why do everyone seems to love their Tees? For one, they are incredibly versatile, can go from a day to an evening look instantly, and second, they are totally affordable! Next to the basic blue jeans, there is nothing quite as stylish and comfortable as your ubiquitous Tees. Wear them with a nice pair of jeans for a casual night out with friends or maybe just throw a sports jacket over them and voila you are ready to hit the floors!  And with so many cool styles and colors to choose from, finding the right tee that fits your personality has never been so easy!

Here is a roundup of some of the styles that should be definitely in your wardrobe this season!

Graphic Tee

Graphic tees are everywhere right now - in runway shows, on stars, and surprisingly they have even marked their entry on red carpets! This is the one trend that is catching up like fire. Graphic tees are creative, edgy, and they constantly test your boundaries. It lets you scream to the world what you stand for!  Whether you are planning to wear it for a day of errands or you are looking to add up some style to a formal blazer, it’s definitely gonna make a style statement wherever you go.

Plain tee

The best kind of style is the one that does not look like it’s trying to hard! That is what a plain tee stands for; it looks understated and still ends up looking so very stylish! The beauty of a plain tee lies in its simplicity; you don’t need to try too hard to look fashionable. Wear them on their own or use them to create a perfectly layered look, one thing is for sure, plain tees will never let you go wrong!

Long-sleeve Tee

We are here to contradict the myth that T-shirts either means ‘short sleeves’ or a ‘crew neck’ tee. You can experiment with so many styles, and long-sleeve tees are one of them. They are great for a switch over from autumn to winter when you crave for a little more warmth. Long-sleeve t-shirts can create a myriad of looks when teamed with the right items. Wear them on its own, under a checkered shirt or with a statement jacket, and you will be walking in style!


A comfortable polo tee can be worn for all occasions in your life, from 10 a.m. morning lectures to club nights, as long as you style it in the right way. These classic pieces can be your go-to choice, or it can be among your luxurious staples perking up any event in your life. A versatile and timeless garment, it still lets you keep a competitive edge in the style arena.


V-necks are a stylish alternative to your standard crew neck or collared tees. They add a little more ‘style’ to your regular tees! And what’s more you can pair them up with all type of pants, whether they are haute couture, designer trousers, ripped jeans or a pair of summer shorts. Wear your v-neck with a sleek blazer to replace the regular “shirt and tie” look for a more hip and sophisticated look. Opt for classic solid bold colors such as white, grey, black and earth tones.  They are versatile, simple and classic.

So now that you know what’s trending this season, let’s begin shopping!