DUREX Is Back With A Whole New Product. You Won’t Believe What!

Condom manufacturer Durex stirred up the Indian web this morning with a tweet announcing its entry into a new product category — denim jeans. It’s sounds as bizarre as Sachin Tendulkar turning a chef. But this...

11 Adventurous Roads Around The World Only Brave People Should Dare To Travel

Leh Ladakh trips are too cliche for you if you're truly an adventurous persons who doesn't do things just to show-off! We're talking about adventure and it should be breath-taking and thrilling, right? Well,...
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25 Breathtaking Photos That Will Make You Look Twice To Believe

People often say a picture is worth a thousand words. I believe it is wrong because these images are worth ten thousand words each. You will have to look twice to understand what’s going...

Bollywood’s 13 Movie Dialogues Which Will Never Let You Feel Down


10 Weirdest ILLEGAL Things You Can Do Legally If You’re In The Right Country!

This world sometimes seem to be unbelievable & most of the times the reason is not nature or supernatural forces but humans themselves. If you agree to this fact, you must have heard about...
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13 Types Of Weird Yogas We bet You Never Even Heard About!

Yoga: It’s great for meditation, limbering up and your blood pressure.  It’s been growing in popularity as a form of exercise in western culture since the 1980s,with interest spiking around 2001 and staying high. Unfortunately,...
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It’s Not That I’m Lazy It’s Just I Don’t Care

It is too easy to get trapped in the dogma of society and of what others think about you. In your quest of being rocking to the world, you often hinder your possibilities of...

Iphone 8: Specs Revealed. Full List Here

The iPhone 7 is barely out of its package yet, As the world is still debating on whether the recently released iPhone 7 is a hit or a miss, many people have turned their attention...

What The F*ck! Saudi King Takes 506 Tons Luggage To Indonesia, 2 Limos Included

Saudi Arabia's King Salman bin Abdul Aziz is heading to Indonesia this week for a nine-day visit. It will be the first time in 46 years that a Saudi king has visited the world's largest Muslim...

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