This Guy Made A DATING RESUME And It’s So Impressive, We Feel Like Taking Tips From Him!


Why do you make a resume?

“For job, of course” you would say.

But, ever heard about a guy making a resume for dating? No, we are not talking about matrimonial bio-data. This is something way cooler than that! In the age of Tinder and Truly Madly, youngsters are leaving no app unused to find a date & what Joseph Adams did is something truly crazy.

dating resume

Joseph A. Adams whose dating resume is going viral was asked by a girl to show her a resume and failing to do so was a rejection that led Adams to design one. And boy, we have to admit, it looks impressive as fuck!

He says he’s gone on a few coffee dates since then, but nothing too serious yet. He is overwhelmed, though, by all the messages he’s gotten on social media. He says he was surprised that someone even reached out to him on LinkedIn.

He hasn’t gone back and given the resume to the girl that rejected him though, and says he doesn’t plan to.

“She said no the first time, and you have to be okay with that,” he says.

Look at him, don’t know why girls reject him. Probably the answer lies in the resume itself!

dating resume

Adams’s objective – “To find a honey with a bitchin’ family who enjoys sushi, adventures and good movies.” 

It includes details like “makes great small talk with parents,” “drives in style via 2009 Honda Civic,”and “has no Tinder record.”

Well, don’t know about you but to us, this resume seems quite Impressive. We feel like taking tips from him!

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