WTF! Karnataka MLA Destroys His Brand New 1.6Cr Rs Car By Filling Diesel Instead of Petrol


karnatak MLA

Every time you listen to many different and strange story from our Indian politics. Here is a very intersecting story of a Karnataka MLA.

According to a report by Daiji World, Congress MLA Bava, who also happens to be the Managing Director of a number of mining companies, had bought the first ever Volvo XC90 T9 Hybrid Excellence luxury car released in India last week.

Karanatak MLA

Bava said that he’d bought the car at his son’s behest. However, when his son took the car to a fuel station, the staff there erroneously filled the fuel tank with diesel instead of petrol.

The car will be now taken to Bangalore in a truck, in order to empty the tank completely and for cleaning the system as well.

karnataka MLA

The staff of the petrol pump was very blameworthy, and they closely-held up their mistake. After this,  MLA Bava handled the situation with an amazing move. He said this is happening and he respects human beings more than machines.

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