Hackers Reveal Surprising Details From PornHub’s Database. Know The Most Searched Pornstars.


The iPhone versus Android debate mostly focuses on the hardware, software, and functionality of each device and operating system, but there’s one more thing that makes the two devices — and their users — so vastly different: Their porn consumption. According to a Pornhub analysis, smartphone users have different porn consumption habits depending on the device they use, including their most-searched terms and time of day they log onto the porn site.

Kim Kardashian tops the list of most popular pornstar searches – which is funny – while Android users are more likely to search for lisa ann.

iOS users tend to reach ‘satisfaction’ faster, it says. This is determined by the average time spent per visit as well as by the average pages viewed. For iOS-based device users, the figures stand at 8 minutes and 40 seconds and 9.8 page views. In comparison, Android users tend to spend more time per visit, and peak at more pages than their iOS counterparts. Clearly, these guys seem to have more stamina.

When it comes to sexual preferences, iOS users seem to be more inclined towards Bondage and Fetish categories, while Android users tend to watch ebony and cartoon themes more often.


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