NASA Tweets About ‘Guru Purnima’, Indian Twitterati Rejoice


On Sunday, millions of Indians celebrated Guru Purnima, the first full moon night after the summer solstice. It is celebrated as a day of teachers as students express their gratitude to them. It is celebrated on ‘purnima’ or the full moon day in the month of Ashadha (June-July). Both Hindus and Buddist Celebrate this festival.

The festival also got attention from unexpected quarters.NASA tweeted out a picture of the full moon as it listed out the various names it is called by, namely Guru Purnima, Hay Moon, Mead Moon, Ripe Corn Moon, Buck Moon and Thunder Moon. The tweet had been retweeted over 7,500 times at the time of publication.

NASA’s purpose was just to spread other names of full moon of July which is very important to Sky watchers; however Indians got much excited and took to Twitter to express their feelings. Here are some selected tweets:

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