People Playing Real-Life Ludo In A Desert! Video Gone Viral


There’s no doubt in saying that Ludo Star has brought our childhood game back to life. People are spending their leisure time in playing this game. It has now become a lifestyle because if the app goes down, people get sad and turn to each other in such times of sorrow.

But a group of people have taken ludo up a notch by playing the game in a manner never seen before. They’ve taken the game to a whole new level. And, interestingly, it has gone viral.

All they needed is a vast desert, a huge dice and…believe it or not…themselves in place of the pieces. Take a look at how these people are playing ludo in real life in a desert.

Watch the full video with sound here as the goti makes a ‘ting’ sound as it gets beaten up.

You wanna try this with your friends?

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