9 Indians Who Fought the Society & Proved That Success is the Best Revenge


People often find their way to success after being badly disavowed by the society and the people he/she lives among. It’s not something new, but when it comes to India, such cases seem more obvious than the other countries, the reason being anything from our society to the rigid mindsets. So here are 10 Indians who faced some problems by people, but instead of feeling disheartened by double-faced society, they chose to fight. The way they made the situations turn in their favor might become an inspiration for your lifetime.

1. Munaf Patel


Cricket is like India’s national religion and so many youngsters risk their careers to enter the professional Cricket. So was Munaf Patel, a poor youngster from some remote village of Gujarat, India who used to roam here and there and play cricket. When she went to ask the consents of her girlfriend’s family, her dad rejected him saying him unemployed and illiterate to marry his daughter.

After the course of several years, he was chosen for playing at national level and got so popular for his fast bowling that he was termed as “Bharuch Express” by his fans. After his inclusion in official “Team India”, the same person who refused him for his daughter offered him the marriage proposal. However, as Munaf loved that girl, he said yes and is now married to her. She is Taslima Patel.

2. Arunabh Kumar

Well-known among the Indian youth as the Qtiyapa guy, Arunabh Kumar was just another IIT guy who got his degree from IIT Kharagpur and like most of the Indian Engineering Alumnus, decided to pursue his creative passion. He wanted the Indian youth to get rid of the boring, old TV standards. With the idea in his mind he went to MTV- one of the most popular youth oriented channel in India but was rejected with argument that Indian youth didn’t want to watch that.

While rejected badly, Arunabh wanted to prove the industry’s big players wrong. So he started broadcasting on YouTube. Started with a modest idea, his channel eventually got wildly popular and has crossed the numbers of viewers that MTV has as of now. While YouTube has nearly 10 lac subscribers as this is being written, his channel has whooping 13 lac subscribers!

3. Varun Agarwal

Varun Agarwal

Often the failures show us the real way to success by making us quit all the thoughts about what the world would say. Varun Agarwal was an Engineering aspirant who loved making movies as it allowed people express their mind on screen using just a little camera. However, as per the societal norms, her mother and neighbor aunty were supposed to discourage him from doing anything other than the engineering and they did it.

Boggled by his taunting neighbor aunty and the loads of Engineering books, he decided to finish Engineering and pursue his passion. Following his calling, Varun eventually set up his own production company that did some popular videos, founded a million dollar youth outfit company. He also wrote a book about how she braved her neighbor aunty and founded a million dollar business and shut up the critics who used to say he will fail.

4. Varaprasad Reddy

Varaprasad Reddy

Varaprasad’s is a great story of revenge taken with success. It is one of the rarest stories that can make you believe that patriotism is an extremely powerful emotion in itself. Mechanical Engineer by qualification, Varaprasad was scoffed at unparliamentarily remarks made against India saying India cannot handle the latest technology to produce the high quality vaccines at a global conference on immunization when he visited Geneva.

He was boggled at how the multinational companies were ruling medicine industry single-handedly and charged too high prices for essential medicines making them inaccessible for common man. With the prime goal of making vaccines affordable in homeland, he started looking for funding but no organization did show any interest in helping. At last, he established a research unit by funding himself. In 1997, his efforts paid off and the first vaccine against Hepatitis-B was launched at merely $1 against the price of $28 per dose prevalent for the same at that time. His company, Shantha Pharmaceuticals, also launched the cholera vaccine and supplied 1600 Crores worth pentavalent vaccine to UNICEF.

5. Sania mizra

Sania Mirza

In initial days of her career, Sania Mirza was more popular for her short skirts. She was frequently spotted in news hurting the “religious sentiments” of so-called Islamic scholars who blamed her for her “corrupting influence on youth” because she spoke her mind on “safe sex” at a public conference. She was abused, threatened and called traitor by people.

Politicians even called her “Pakistan’s daughter-in-law” when she married the Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik. Later on, with the spirit of her talent and her let-them-say attitude when she won Grand Slam in Women’s Doubles at Wimbledon along with the Swiss Martina Hingis, she was widely popularized by media and the same people as an Indian tennis player. After her victory, more Islamic institutions came to take proud on her than they abused her before.

6. Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut

Following the usual stereotype of Indian parents, Kangana’s father also showed disbelief in her and refused to back her financially when she expressed her wish to become an actress. Her father told him that her fury was momentary and soon she would learn a lesson and come back. Following her inner calling, Kangana left for becoming an actress and struggled for a long period. After few years when she called back to her father, her father was happy as it seemed that she finally had learnt her lesson.

He said “You would have learnt your lesson by now”. But Kangana’s reply was different than she expected. She replied instead “I think you would have learnt your lesson by now”. She was offered the lead role in Bhatt camp’s movie “Gangster”. Luckily the movie ran successfully and was declared a hit too.

7. Akshay Kumar

Akshay kumar

Then known as Rajeev Bhatia, Akshay Kumar was a struggling actor and wanted to make his photo portfolio to approach the film-makers and procure the films. At that time, he didn’t have enough money to pay for the professional photo shoot, so he told the photographer to keep him as assistant and take his salary as the payment for his photo shoot.

For one photo he had to lie on the wall of a bungalow but when he was doing it, he was shooed out by the watchmen of that bungalow. Years after, Akshay Kumar is one of the top movie stars of India and his Andheri, Mumbai located bungalow is the same one from where he was shooed out.

8. Narendra Modi

narendra modi

Narendra Modi is a great example of patriotism and has always been a role model among rational Indians. 10 years back, in 2005, Narendra Modi had applied for the diplomatic visa to US but he was rejected by the officials who held them responsible the communal riots in Gujarat in 2002. By evoking a never-before-applied U.S. law, he was denied visa for carrying out “severe violations of religions freedom” based largely on the reports provided by India’s National Human Rights Commission and some other independent sources.

However, his patriotism and development-oriented vision paid off when he got elected as our PM in May 2014 and the winds started to blow in his directions. The same officials that had denied him for visa were now excited to invite the newly elected Indian PM at their home. In Sep 2014, when he visited US and delivered his power-packed speech at Madison Square, more than 19,000 American-Indian people gathered to cheer up him and welcome his every word with roaring applause. More than anything it was a great patriotic revenge taken with massive success.

9. Ratan tata

Ratan Tata

In 1999, within a year of its debut following the poor response that Tata Indica received from Indian market, Tata motors was having a bad fortune at that time. Hence Ratan Tata offered Tata Motors’ passenger cars division to Ford and was rejected by the Ford officials after three hours of meeting with a humiliating response that it would be their big favor if they bought the passenger cars divisions of Tata Motors. The question they asked was “You do not know anything, why did you start the passenger car division at all?”.

Disgraced by the unexpected response, he left the meeting and after nine years of that when Ford was staggering into bankruptcy and put their subsidiary Jaguar & Land Rover franchise for selling at $2.3 billion, Ratan Tata became the one who bought it. Ford chairman at that time, Bill Ford thanked him saying “you are doing us a big favor by buying JLR.”. What a twist of destiny!


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