Top 10 Youtube Channels Every Indian Collegian Should Subscribe To

TVF Youtube channel

Being in college brings a lot of responsibilities on you (*wink*). You are busy whole day (bunking lectures and chatting with friends) and hardly get any time to do what you really enjoy (surfing YouTube). So it is very obvious to not want to waste that hard-earned time whenever you get it. So thinking of your feelings (aap ki bhavnao ko samajte hue), we thought we should scuff out your options and provide you the coolest ones that will keep you lingered for hours (saving your time in doing uncool things!). Here’s our list of top 10 desi YouTube channels you must subscribe to:

1. TVF

Started by an IIT graduate, TVF, meaning The Viral Fever, has quickly taken over the Indian youth virally. The reason of course is their superior sense of humor. They troll down every single person that needs to be trolled down and the way they do this is hilarious. Not just another puppet show of comedians, this is a smart, sensible comedy channel that every Indian should subscribe to.

TVF Youtube channel


2. AIB

You know why this channel is called AIB? Because it’s full name might peeve some Indians. All India Bakchod, as the name suggests, presents the sharp humor that might be indigestible or offensive for even some youth bodies with aged brains. If you have seen stars like Ranbir Singh and Alia Bhatt laughing on sexual jokes about themselves, you probably already know about AIB. Basically a group of 4 educationally qualified youngsters, AIB presents comedy on items ranging from video games to the politicians.

AIB youtube channel


3. MTV India

Run by MTV India, one of the top youth-oriented TV channels in India, this YouTube channel offers streaming sneak peeks from their hit shows like Splitsvilla, Roadies, MTV Unplugged, Web Show etc and their broadcasted episodes too.

MTV youtube channel


4. Cokestudio

Cokestudio is a breezy cool show by MTV for music lovers where most popular and talented Indian music celebrities perform their most soulful compositions live. This is the TV program that presented the soundest compositions like Jalpari, Zariya, Madaari & Laadki. If you have missed the show or want to listen and watch those songs again, this channel will be your go-to place. It’s also awesome for musical relaxation.

coke studio youtube channel


5. Indian Jalwa

It’s very normal to feel cold in this freezing season of winter but there’s a solution for it. This sensual desi channel will help you warm up your lungs with sizzling videos of Bollywood movies and Indian celebrities. It’s not cool actually, it’s quite hot. Just make sure your dad is not around when you watch it 😉

indian jalwa youtube channel



Who says we youngsters always waste our time in reality shows and Whatsapp only. We are knowledgeable too! If news is something that keeps your mind refreshed, NDTV can be a great time pass for you. Contrary to most of the Indian news channels, here you will find brilliant reports on most recent stories and current affairs.

NDTV youtube channel


7. Pop Chartbusters

Ever missed those super hit classic pop songs? Pop chartbusters is a channel that will soothe your memories. Run by T-series, this YouTube channel has some of the most popular old pop hits and new ones too. If you are tired of listening the mainstream Bollywood and Hollywood songs, this is good-to-go place for you.

pop chartbuster youtube channel


8. C4E Tech

Almost every single young mind loves gadgets but there are very few good channels on YouTube that serve tech news and reviews with quality. This one does. A channel about smartphones and Android, C4E Tech provides Reviews, Comparisons, Tests, App, Game recommendations, Mods, Tutorials etc. You can switch to this channel whenever you want to find out a perfect verdict on the newly released phone.

c4e youtube channel


9. TST

Trouble Seeker Team a.k.a. TST is our very own, Indian prankster team of youngsters that are not ashamed of getting embarrassed in public. It’s really fun to see these people cracking random pranks on the streets of India. If you like comedy but don’t enjoy the standup comedy and comedy shows, try this.

tst youtube channel


10. Shudh Desi Endings

Another superb original Indian channel that spoofs popular Bollywood movies and makes you laugh on them. All thing they really care about is endings. If traditional Bollywood climaxes bring you nausea, you will laugh out loud seeing these videos. Their motivating motto is “End di Maa di Aankh” and as of this is being written, their cover pic is featuring “Prem Ratan Spoof Aayo” in  popping style 😛


shudh desi ending youtube channel



So, don’t get bored next time. Chill out!

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