10 Lessons from four Broken Relationships that Everyone Must Learn



It’s not easy to handle the pain of breakup when you are in a relationship. However, each breakup teaches you something that stays with you for lifetime. Everyone who has ever had a breakup knows much more than the person who has been single or in a perfect relationship so far. So for everyone who ever wishes to have someone in life, here are 8 very important lessons I learned after four painful breakups in my life. If you can follow them, you will never be sad in relationship. These are the things you must know to make a relationship success.

1. Love is GIVE and GET not GIVE and TAKE
Most of the relationships break just because people are too dreamy about their partners. Everyone wants a person who treats them like king/queen, but hardly a few give that kind of love first. Instead dreaming crazily about your partner, you should love your partner like. This will keep the relationship healthy and keep your partner loyal.

2. Love MUST BE GIVE and GET
There is a limit of everything, you should know it. If you are in relationship, the first thing you should do is to give your partner as much love as one can. If your partner is not like you, it might take some time for him/her to understand your love and reciprocate, but if it he/she seems to be the same careless even after a long time, better to quit on him/her. This will never make you happy. If you are the only one giving everything, you will always be on the losing side.

3. Relationship is all about being honest and trusting each other
There is no way to control a person’s life with his/her consent. No one should try to control the partner’s life. You should be honest to yourself and trust your partner to your max. If you act like detective to your partner, for sure your relationship won’t last long.

4. Make your partner feel important at times
In today’s life everyone is busy with their own workload and social responsibilities but to make a relationship great, you should always exert extra efforts. If your partner is important for you, you must get some free time and spend it with him/her. At the least, you can do something like going on a dinners, planning a surprise trip etc with your partner to make them feel special.

5. Worst relationship is when one of the two is clearly dominating
In love, both the people must be equally dominating. There will be times when girl is on the heavy side while on some times, the boy will be on heavier side. Relationships that have one of the two clearly dominating the other person mostly end up very bad. The person who has given his/her everything in such relationship will inevitably suffer.

6. Life doesn’t stop after breakup
Stop thinking about a person and he/she is not anymore in your life. That’s it. It’s that easy. Yes, sometimes depending upon the level of attachment, it takes time to forget someone but as soon as one person enters in your life and treats you good, you will forget the other. Time heals everything and that empty place in heart always gets filled. So even if you have just fallen into breakup, don’t hurry to take any decision, give yourself time and everything will get alright.

7. Ego and expectation both ruins relationship to the worst
Your ego will often hurt your partner and will occasionally degrade his/her love for you. On the other side, being too giving and expecting too much is also as harmful. So never have ego and too unrealistic expectations towards your partner. If you really want to enjoy your relationship, expect the least and give more importance to your partner than your ego.

8. Appreciating the partner’s efforts is vital
Compliment each other while in relationship. IT doesn’t take anything except some hearty words. When you appreciate a person, he will be more likely to repeat it. Criticizing a person for something will make him/her do it again out of anger but instead criticizing, appreciate them for the opposite and you will be on the winning side. For example, if your partner is untidy and you hate that thing, tell them that he/she looks gorgeous when groomed well, don’t criticize them that he/she is too untidy. This will work magic and your partner will want to groom more than ever. For every single time your partner goes out of his/her comfort zone, let them know that you know it and heartily appreciate him/her for that.

9. Relationship should start with brain and followed by heart
Judge your partner with a skeptical mind before getting serious about your relationship and once you’re done with testing his/her love for you, put full trust in him/her. Love should always start with brain and end at heart. People who fall in love blindly and then start judging the partner, do fall apart miserably.

10. No relationship is perfect
After everything, both the persons involved in relationships are humans and not gods. So never expect relationship to be perfect and your partner to be too loving. Every single relationship in the world goes through ups and downs, the secret of successful love lies in understanding each other’s flaws and there is never too much to compromise if you both are in love.

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