10 Weirdest ILLEGAL Things You Can Do Legally If You’re In The Right Country!


This world sometimes seem to be unbelievable & most of the times the reason is not nature or supernatural forces but humans themselves. If you agree to this fact, you must have heard about most unbelievable things that are illegal in different countries.

Well, we decided to add some twist to our curiosity and find the opposite. What we gathered by research is surprising as hell. So here are 10 weirdest activities you can actually do legally in particular countries because their laws allow it!

1. Walk around nude in SPAIN

2. Consume any drug in PORTUGAL

3. Attach a flamethrower to your car in SOUTH AFRICA

4. Marry a dog in India

5. Steal artworks in NETHERLANDS

6. Get a government employee to help you inject heroin in CANADA

7. Sell your kidney in IRAN

8. Get identity as a dragon in RUSSIA

9. Own a minigun in UNITED STATES

10. Drive a tank in England

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