11 Shocking Photos That Prove Kim Kardashian’s Butt Is Completely Fake!


Kim Kardashian, one of the most popular reality stars at the moment, has always been surrounded with controversies. Since 2007, Kim’s b u t t has been a subject of controversy. The ridiculous size of her booty has raised several questions and has caused a debate among many. Is her b u t t real or fake? Are those really implants? What is her size?

Take a look at these top 11 photos of Kim Kardashian’s b u t t which prove that it is completely fake.

 Before and After Look

Before we embark our journey on Kardashian’s back, let’s have a quick look at before and after picture of the reality star. The photo on the left side was clicked in 2007, while the right one was shot in 2014. Did you notice the dramatic change in shape and size of her back? Amazingly huge!! For her nicely bubble-shaped rear, Kim gives all her credits to Armenian heritage and hard work in the gym (squats). However, it doesn’t feel the same. Squats don’t make your hip look too lopsided to leg size

 Popular Arcs

kim Kardashian showed up in June 2007 in this bodycon dress and surprised everyone. She definitely had a good fashions sense, considering her curves were clearly seen in this dress. This was the time when she started gaining popularity as a reality star. Even in this picture her b u t t seems normal and nothing seems extraordinary. Although she can’t defeat Jennifer Lopez, the queen of the superstar booty club(at least not right now), she could definitely win a place at the top of the list.

 Bodycon Curves

Kim Kardashian astounded the audience in this light blue bodycon dress in June 2007. She has certainly picked up the right dress to show off her growing curvatures. By this time, she gained new heights of popularity and became a socialite. No longer was she recognised as a reality star until now. Yet again, her back looks quite proportionate to her body but still she couldn’t beat Jennifer Lopez, the queen of the superstar rear club. However, Kim could register a place in the club for sure.

 Booty in white

Kim continued to make it a point to emphasize her butt as shown in the photo above, which was taken in February 2008. This time she opted to wear a bodycon dress in white, which everyone knows makes things look larger. The way she stood when being photographed with her butt facing the cameras became her signature pose. The spotlight was literally on her butt and although, it was still proportionate to her body people were taking notice of it. Kim’s butt became booty goals.

 Barely noticeable

This picture was captured at the début of the film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen in June, 2009. You can see that her b u t t is barely visible. Even though she is wearing a skin tight dress, her b u t t isn’t that pronounced. However, that didn’t stop her from showing her famous pose to give more attention to her booty. Right now, she seems natural and there is no evidence of any plastic surgery.

 Looking slightly bigger

This picture was taken in February, 2010. Her butt seems bigger, but it can be due to the skin tight black midi dress she is wearing. Also, considering the size of her legs and booty size, it could be due to her joining the gym. She probablyhasn’t started any implant work till then.

 Where Did That Come From?

In May 2012, Kim’s butt continued to grow as shown in the photo above. This side view compared to her photos from 2007-2009, shows a completely different butt that has been significantly enlarged. At this time, Kim faced a slew of rumors and accusations – one being that her short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries was a sham and a ratings ploy. The accusations that she had received butt injections continued to grow as well, despite her denial and her butt x-ray.

 Looking Bigger That Ever

In 2014, Kim’s butt bared no resemblance to its early days in 2006 when she was known only as Paris Hilton’s best friend (BFF). In the photo above, her derriere is completely disproportionate to the rest of her body. Kim once said about her famous bottom, “I have no idea where all this attention comes from. I’ve always dressed the same. And there are all these rumors about whether it’s fake or real.” Looking at that backside, it’s pretty clear where those rumors have come from.

 So huge

Kim’s back looks like to have almost doubled in size in contrast to her back in 2014. Isn’t it strange that her thighs are much smaller than her rear end? This one can’t attain through squat exercise. Unbelievable! After this episode, industry critics really talked about her growing asset. Later, she took an x-ray of her butt to prove critics that she didn’t have the implants done. Speechless!

 OMG, Becky. Look at that Butt!

Time to move forward to 2015. This picture shows her massive b u t t. To be honest, I don’t have words to describe its size. What is even more ridiculous is the fact that she is slim and has thin legs. Check the lady’s reaction sitting behind her. Hilarious!

 Ms. New Booty

This most recent picture of Kim was taken in April 2016 when she was spotted in Miami wearing an all white skin-tight outfit that emphasized her massive butt. To this day, Kim still claims her booty is all natural; however, given the extreme growth of her derriere over the years as seen in the previous photos and the disproportion of her butt to the rest of her body, we have to disagree. Kim should just come clean about her plastic surgery, because at the end of the day, real or fake, it doesn’t matter as long as she’s happy – but we still want her to be honest about it.


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