15 Hilarious Images Showing How Cropping Totally Changes Everthing


Everyone wants to believe their own eyes, but what you don’t see can often make all the difference. Photoshopping an image might be the most common way to change a picture’s narrative, but simple cropping is a low-tech alternative that can be just as effective.

You’ll have to see them to get what we mean. so without wasting time, view all these funny photos in their cropped glory!

1. An Example Of “Dirty Mind”

2. This Is How I Travel

3. Cropping Changes Everything

4. A Floating Ship?

5. This Is Another Level Condom.

6. When He Asks For Nudes But Parents Are At Home

7. Beware of Those Busty Babes You See On Facebook

8. One Pic Two Interpretation

9. She’s Beautiful, Isn’t she? Who Took That photo?

10.Taking A Photo In Front Of A Nice Building. Oh, Wait

11. Facebook Profile Picture Vs. Reality

12. Now What You Think Is It?

13. Can’t Afford To Chill By The Pool? No Problem

14. I Hope This Ain’t A BJ And Neither Painful At All.

15. That’s a romantic couple and their relationship goals.

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