5 Reason Why We Can’t Wait For Tubelight!


Salman is back with our gift this Eid. We all are excited for his next movie, intriguingly titled, Tubelight. This Kabir Khan directed movie gained popularity even before releasing for all the right reasons.With all the buzz it created across the country, here is a list of reasons to book the tickets in advance.

1.Great Cinematography

Get ready to mesmerised by some beautiful cinematography as the movie is mostly shot in Leh and Ladakh, which is undeniably famous for its serene beauty.

2.Om Puri’s Last Movie

This would be the last bollywood movie of this great veteran actor. He worked in Hollywood as well and has another upcoming Indo-British movie. It would be a wonderful tribute to watch his last movie.

3.The EPIC Khan Jodi: Salman and Shah Rukh

Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan were last seen together (in a film) in Om Shanti Om which released in 2007. Salman shook legs with SRK in the title track. Now after almost 10 years, we would get a chance to see them together. Shah Rukh is playing a magician in the film.

4.Indo-Sino War!

A film of historical-drama genre. The movie is set in the backdrop of Sino-Indian war of 1962, about the disputed Himalyan border. With a few war scenes,, it doesn’t aim to be a political saga, but more of a human drama.

5.Bhai Ka Bhai!

The real-life brothers Salman Khan and Sohail Khan will be sharing screen space yet again! According to Kabir Khan, the movie follows the journey of two brothers as a result it was the obvious choice to Sohail to play Salman’s elder brother in the movie. Kabir Khan said in an interview, “One shot and the audience is already believing that these two are brothers and very close to each other”.

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