7 Mistakes Almost All Men Are Doing That Destroy Their Sexual Productivity


In the era of fast food and fast life, we often forget to keep track of our health status. While we are living our routine life, a ton of tension, stress, junk food and many more things are silently demising our health to make it worst for the future. Fertility problem is one of such common problems that hectic lifestyle nowadays has created. Especially men, whose fertility depends upon the vitality of their sperm and sperm producing organs, seem to get easily affected by this lifestyle. Despite the deterioration of sperm productivity seems to take place quickly, we often neglect it.

So here is a quick go-to guide for all the men that they should read at least once to keep their sperm healthy and their fertility in vigor. If you are also doing these mistakes, your future might literally be in trouble!

1. Irresponsible use of cell phone & laptops
Cell phones are already well known to affect the sperm adversely. However, we often don’t even realize that we are allowing them to do it. Putting the cell phone In your pant’s front pockets can reduce your sperm count by 9%! So if you really plan to be father some day, better to keep your phone in your pocket! The same way, when you are using your laptop, you should not put it in your lap

2. Using plastic bottles
The chemical compound found in plastic bottles called Bisphenol A reduces the sperm count. Our sperm production depends on a hormone named endocrine and this chemical compound disrupts the creation of endocrine in our body. So avoiding the use of plastic bottles is one of the best things you can do to keep your sperm healthy.

3. Long exposures in high temperature
To keep your testicles in good productivity, its ideal temperature should be 4 degree less than the temperature of your body. However, when you are amidst scorching heat, this temperature gap seems to fade away. So, long exposures in heat will gradually deteriorate your sperm.

4. Being overweight
Yes, being overweight also can affect your fertility. When you’re obese, your body will be easily prone to diabetes and health problems, which directly affects urinary and sexual system of men as well as women. So basically, there is another reason why you should exercise- to keep yourself fertile!

5. Smoking & alcohol
You won’t love to know this but it is the fact. Smoking shrinks the blood vessels and hence the blood supply to your private part will gradually get affected, especially if you’re a chain smoker. On the other hand, alcohol is said to lower your fertility. It is advised by doctors that a pregnant woman, who drinks more than two glasses of alcohol, will have lesser chances of pregnancy. The same applies for men too.

6. Mental stress
Taking stress directly deteriorates your sperm quality. People who take much stress and have unstable state of mind will have thinner sperm compared to them who are happy.

7. Junk food
Fast food, especially the food that is made with chemical compounds and derived ingredients harms your sexual productivity too. The white color of sperm is due to the protein amount it has but junk foods have the lowest amount of protein and in fact they slowly destroy the digestive system. So, to keep your sperm thick and healthy, you must keep watch on the amount of spicy, oily and junk food you eat.

8. Too much masturbation
Frequent masturbation doesn’t affect the sperm production directly, but if you masturbate several times every day, your sperm will naturally be thin and watery. It takes more than 30 days for testicles to mature the newly generated sperm. So ideally, sperm after a month or so of masturbation would be the perfect sperm. If you want your sperm to be thick and healthy while you have intercourse, it is advised to not masturbate a few days before it.   

9. Sleep deprivation
As per an astonishing survey published in Daily Mail UK, sleep deprivation could decrease the sperm count by one third! Sleeping irregular in a way that you don’t have enough sleep might leave you incapable of producing a child. This is something we all can control at the least if not other things in this list.

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