9 Pictures That Prove That India Is The Most Sarcastic Country In The World


Indians have this amazing sense of humor when it comes to having conversations with them. They do know how to deal with every situation and they have these amazing answers and solutions to everything that will make you feel sarcasm is in their blood ?

Scroll through some of the pictures that prove Indian sarcasm is top notch and you would totally agree with it!

1) When you say you have a headache.

2) If you have something to share with your friends

3) When you say you are busy

4) If you come just too close ( Accidentally)

5) When you run out of money and ask your mom for some money

6) When your friends plan a sleepover and you ask your mom about it

7) When you drop something

8) When you ask what is for dinner

9) when you have to cancel the plan

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