About Us

To begin with, let us clarify why we need an introduction. With all this clutter we not only stand out; but we stand tall. That’s because unlike all the other stereotypical sites that promote the factory made products of mass substitutions; we stand up for one single huge ass brand. You, The youth! We like to call it them “Young Guns”. Driven by zeal, creativity and a dash of enthusiasm, you definitely don’t wanna be a ‘wannabe’ or just another factory made clone. That’s why we have our own in-house production unit (sorry china!). This means every product is unique to itself, customized to your own need, desire and idea. The indigenously produced products mean that we take pride in our creations (and also all the blames!). This also ensures the highest level of emphasis we put into the quality and detail (we don’t want you guys to look shabby now do we?). Let’s just say we’ve got enough elves working round the clock checking each element just so that you can look fabulous!

Now, if you want to stand out, be different, be loud, be crazy, be rebellious, be foolish, be noisy, be diverse, be mutinous or simply want to be you. You’ve come to the right place.

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