11 Cool Things About AIB You Didn’t Know Before


We all know All India Bakchod for the defamed AIB roast, featuring more than dozen of popular Indian celebrities in a filthy comedy show hosted by Arjun Kapoor and Ranvir Singh. Every now and then they appear in controversies and recently their legal summons is in the news too.


However, no matter how bad the society deems them, All India Bakchod is now a quite popular YouTube channel in Indian youth with more than a million subscribers. Indian youngsters love it, but wasn’t an easy ride at all. They had to struggle a lot and face some hardships too. As we researched about them, we came to know some interesting things about them that piqued our interest. So here are 11 cool things about All India Backchod and the team that we found brand new about them. We hope you will like it too.



1. AIB was started by Gursimran Khamba & Tanmay Bhatt. Rohan Joshi and Aashish Shakya joined the gang later.


2. Back in 2013, before using YouTube as their medium, the group used to publish their content using podcasts only and it was the first and only Indian comedy podcast, but due to need of funds they decided to publish it on YouTube to get the ad revenue. Their podcast once hit the #1 on iTunes India.


3. AIB now also has an advertisement wing called Vigyapanti, which was started in October of 2015. Vigyapanti is an advertising company that produces offbeat advertisements that people would happily see on TV compared to the usual ads. TrulyMadly.com were their first client for whom they made a Creepy Qawwali video.


4. The most viewed AIB video is Alia Bhatt: Genius Of The Year that features Alia Bhatt herself mocking on her own goofy statements. (On a personal note; AIB roast could have overtaken this video if it had stayed just a week more on YouTube: P)


5. Gursimran Khamba was representative of one of the anti-reservation groups that presented a petition against reservations to then President Dr. Abdul Kalam. He is flat-mates with Abish Mathew who is also a popular standup comedian and collaborates frequently with AIB.


6. AIB’s Rohan Joshi was a journalist with CNBC and he still writes a weekly column for Mid-Day. Being 32+ he’s the oldest one in AIB as well.


7. AIB’s Every Bollywood Party Song feat. Irrfan was the most trending Indian video on Youtube in 2015


8. Alia Bhatt’s sister Shaheen Bhatt is dating Rohan Joshi


9. Gursimran Khamba has a degree in journalism from Delhi University and M.A. in Media & Cultural Studies from TISS while Aashish Shakya is an Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer from University of Mumbai.


10. In 2011, Rohan Joshi performed at Fringe Festival, Edinburgh in 2011 which is known as the biggest comedy festival in the world.


11. Gursimran and Tanmay both don’t use any Apple products since their podcasts on Apple iTunes were banned being deemed as 18+ stuff 😛


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