Airlift: Is it Worth Watching or Not? a To-the-point Movie Review


So Airlift, the most awaited movie of January is out and we have just watched it. If you are looking to book the show for Airlift, here’s the roundup of movie that you should read about.



Airlift’s is a larger-than-life story that could be called unreal if it wasn’t actually true. The story, as we all know is about the largest evacuation happened in the history of mankind when 1,70,000 Indians were evacuated single-handedly by a potential businessman Ranjeet Katyal. Despite he is stuck into agonizing happenings in Kuwait and despite he has his own family to safeguard, Ranjit decides to help Indians out of patriotism and accomplishes the mission over the span of 59 days. Below is the official trailer of the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.


What’s good about movie:

Unlike Akshay Kumar’s last few movies where his role was either larger than life or fictional, in Airlift Akshay Kumar has been presented quite realistically. As a businessman patriotic at heart, his acting adds a great value to the movie and his acting proves to be one of his finest till date. With his impeccable expressiveness of emotions ranging from fear to anguish to the anger, Akshay brilliantly picturizes the moment when you will just be so engaged in the scene that you will be able to feel that agony and that pain.


Nimrat Kaur is Akshay’s wife that has the different ideology than Akshay but a beautiful love story between the couple develops during the story as they start respecting each other. Starting as a usual wife, Nimrat Kaur makes her impression stronger as the story advances. With her impactful acting, she also proves that she is competent enough for the standing ovation she got in her movie “Lunch Box”.


As the story of the movie is based on real events, it proves to be quite a roller-coaster ride of emotions that is well-suited for Indian audience and hence the movie will get a great deal of promotion through the word of mouth. The first hour of movie that shows the brutality conducted with people by the Iraqi army will make your stomach grind in sympathy and the first half will keep you engaged effortlessly.

What’s not good enough:

Despite such a brilliant backing story, the movie stumbles in the second half. The plot seems to stagger after the interval and the core event of the movie- which is the evacuation of 1,70,000 Indians, is wrapped up quite quicker than it should have been. The narration lacks those moments of tension when you would just be on edge-of-the-seat excited about what will happen next. The climax is delivered in such a way that you won’t feel that gush of joy seeing the mission being successful.

Also, the music of the movie doesn’t seem to be much appealing to the audience. As an Indian big budget movie, we would have definitely expected better music from Airlift than what it has delivered.

Overall, it’s a brilliant watch, at least for the patriotic spirit of the movie and the person who did it in real life. With the huge potential of the story and the commendable acting and direction, the movie succeeds to charm us and will definitely be one of the most successful and appreciated movies of this year. However the movie could have been even better-packaged with an experienced director in this genre.

If we had to define the movie strength in stars, we would give it 3.8 out of 5.

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