WTF! People Are Taking Leaves For Bahubali2. Have You Filled The Official Leave Form Yet?



Do you know what you’re doing on April 28, 2017? If it’s not watching Baahubali, then be prepared to feel terrible about missing out on the biggest trend to occupy the mindspace of Indians across the country – possibly across the world.

The social media space has been flooded with messages of people who booked tickets way in advance and let’s not even get started on how many people would have applied for leaves and half-days to watch the movie.

Sample some of them here (in case you haven’t filed one yourself):

But guess what, that’s not all. Taking cognizance of the Baahubali ‘fever’ that has gripped the nation, Team Baahubali seems to have made it easier and more structured by coming out with an ‘official’ leave form that can be filled out on the official website.

So see this form and let us know what’s your reason for leave in our comment box.

source: Indianexpress

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