Bangladesh’s Soumya Sarkar Asks For Review When Clean Bowled. Gets Hilariously Trolled


saumya sarkar review

When a batsman is bowled and that too clean bowled, do you expect him to take the review? No, right?

But, Bangladeshi batsman Soumya Sarkar made the most shocking Decision Review System (DRS) call in the first Test of the ongoing series against Sri Lanka.Sarkar was clean bowled by Sri Lanka’s Guneratne but he asked for the review thinking he has been given out caught behind. The ball pitched on middle and off, spun and clipped the top of off stump. Sarkar thought he’s been given caught behind and before even looking back at the stumps, he asked for a review.

The astonishing event happened on the second ball of the fifth day with Sarkar batting on 53. He failed to judge the line of a delivery from right-arm medium pacer Asela Gunaratne as the ball clipped the top of his off stump.

Needless to say, the review went to waste and I guess we will never know what was going on in the batsman’s head when he decided to challenge the most obvious dismissal.

Twitter certainly was not going to stay silent on this one:

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