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Contrary to Hollywood, Bollywood has always been about love and positivity. We don’t have many movies where superheroes clash with supervillains and save the world from dooming, neither we are interested in seeing the world dooming, and that’s why we always have happy endings. We have great movies on family, friendship and love that represent our culture of loving people and enjoying the life. Though Bollywood has delivered us movies across almost all the genres, the main stream cinema in India has always remained the same for decades.


We are not ashamed of our emotions and we enjoy indulging ourselves in the fairy-looking tales of love and romance. If you skim across the charts of most successful Bollywood movies, you will find that almost more than 70% of our top movies entail a love story in them. And though most of our love stories are quite touchy, teenage love stories are best among them. All of us can relate with these teenage love stories up to an extent and hence they make us feel good. Here, in this post, we are going to share with you our list of top 10 teenage movies in random order that you will be glad to have in your permanent library. Pick any of them and you will have few more feel-good hours of your time.

  1. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

  Yeh_jawani_hai_deewani Bollywood Love Stories All Romance Lovers

Directed by a 21 years young director and starring the young heart-throbs Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone, YJHD was a hit on the box office. YJHD is a refreshing journey of a careless lad and a sweet nerdy girl who are exact opposites of each other. After finishing their schools, they again meet each other by luck while a trip with friends on trekking. Unaware of her feeling towards him, the hero keeps heroin making feel special showing her how happening she is and helps her unveil her real self.


After the trip, the heroin tries to admit her love to the hero but she can’t do it and they leave each other. After a few more years in their career, they meet at one of their friend’s and the magic starts sparking but the heroin is engaged by then. What happens next is quite romantic. The story is youthful, interesting and beautiful from very beginning to the end & a definite watch for all romance lovers.

 2. Teree Sang

Teree_Sang_Movie Bollywood Love Stories All Romance Lovers

Two school kids- a poor boy whose dad is a rickshaw driver and a rich girl whose dad is a businessman- fall in love with each other and unintentionally, the girl gets pregnant at her schooling age. Upon knowing that she is pregnant, they both decide to carry their child mutually. However, as the hero is teenager, he is risked into the legal proceedings by girl’s family and hence they decide to escape from their home.


Though they succeed at escaping to an unknown place, the real challenge starts when they have nothing to feed themselves. The protagonist, in this tough situation decides to pick up some hard jobs and feed his love and baby. Meanwhile, the police find their place and start the procedure to get them arrested. In all, a beautifully directed kidult love story that will melt your heart. Must see, if you haven’t.

 3. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


A typical college love story, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was a trendsetter of love triangles in Bollywood. The lead character Rahul is a charming college boy who is favorite among girls and likes a rich girl named Tina that reciprocates him too. Anjali, a common friend of them is an average nerdy girl who has been in love with Rahul since a long time but has never admitted her love to him. Realizing that Rahul loves Tina, Anjali decides to get out of Rahul’s life and leaves the college.


After a sequence of happenings, they reach to a point of life where Rahul is married with Tina and Anjali is still single. When they meet again, Anjali comes to know that Tina, after her marriage with Rahul, had realized that Rahul always loved Anjali and hence had told her daughter to reunite Rahul and Anjali after her death. However, by then it is the high time of Anjali’s marriage and  the groom has already reached to marry Anjali. This trademark Bollywood love story still remains a must watch romantic flick for youngsters.

 4. Ishq Vishq

IshqVishk Bollywood Love Stories All Romance Lovers

Another love triangle that revolves around youth. Basically, a young boy Rajiv and girl Payal are in love with each other. While Rajiv is a typical, modern youngster, Payal is like the traditional Indian girls who stays hungry whole day in Karva Chauth for happiness of her love. Once during a usual college meet up, they have a quarrel when Payal denies kissing in public and Rajiv breaks up with Payal. Meanwhile, a girl as modern as Rajiv enters their college and makes Rajiv fall for her.


Another friend of Rajiv named Mambo decides to support Payal in this situation and the rumor starts spreading in college that Payal has got a new boyfriend too. Realizing that Payal has also got a boyfriend, Rajiv, baffled by this news, goes to Payal to ask her what happened to her loyalty and realizes that she is still not having any boyfriend. After Mambo’s heart wrenching explanation, Rajiv finally comes to know that he had misunderstood Payal. Ishq Vishq was also a hit album of its time and got quite positive reviews from youth. The plot is well-written and makes it one of the best Bollywood romance flicks.

 5. Socha Na Tha

Bollywood Love socha na tha Stories All Romance Lovers

The very first film directed by Rockstar fame director Imtiaz Ali, Socha Na tha, was also the debut film of Abhay Deol and though not commercially much impressive, was critically acclaimed by the audience. Viren is a youngster romantic at heart who is mandated by his parents for the arranged marriage with Aditi. However, Viren doesn’t want to marry any girl without falling in love with her and with permission of Aditi decides to call off their wedding on a high time.


After that, Aditi gets engaged to someone else and Viren finds another girl named Karen, falls in well-thought relationship with her and decides to marry her. But by their marriage time is a couple of days away, he realizes that he has fallen in love with Aditi. Does he calls of the marriage again to marry Aditi? Does Aditi accept him again? It’s interesting to see. In all, Socha Na Tha is A quite well-performed and well-directed love story that is entertaining and romantic throughout.

6. Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar

mp3 Bollywood Love Stories All Romance Lovers


A story of friendship and love, Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar a.k.a. MP3 was directed by the young director Robby Grewal featuring the handsome debutant Ruslaan Mumtaz & Hazel Croney in the lead roles. It’s a story of a naughty school boy and a sincere girl who get to know each other through their schools and family and fall in love with each other eventually. Then a sequence of misunderstandings occurs which separates them.


Badly fallen in her love, the hero can’t bear living without her and with help of some hearty friends, he plans to escape to Paris illegally to meet her love. The story is directed refreshingly and even though it was released a long ago, it seems still totally relevant today.

 7. Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na

jaane tu ya jaanena Bollywood Love Stories All Romance Lovers


Directed by a national award winner screen writer Abbas Tyrewala, Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na was the debut film of Imran Khan and another Bollywood flick of Genelia D’Souza. Set up around a calm, caring boy Jai and a young but childish and emotional girl Aditi, its story starts with a group of youngsters depicting their friend Jai and Aditi’s story to their guest whom they have just received at airport. A group of six youngsters, three boys and three girls, have great friendship between them but that of Jai and Aditi is somewhat special than others.


They are friend from childhood but never have thought about how perfectly they complement each other in life. Despite of explanation of their friends that they are made for each other, they don’t give in to their affection for each other and keep believing that they are just friends. As they reach to their adulthood, both get their partners outside of their own group but at one or other point, they start to feel that something is missing. At last, they decide to give their heart a go but situations are bit twisted till then. A lightly comic and touching story for all the lovers.

8. Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak

qayamat se qayamat tak


Qayamat Se Qayamat was the classic Bolywood adaption of Shakespeer’s Romeo and Juliet. In this love story of Raj and Rashmi, their families are enemy to each other due to some past happenings. But when they meet each other they pique interest in each other and eventually fall in love. Their true struggle  starts when they fall in love because their families will never allow them to be with each other.


Determined for their love, they escape their families and manage to find their own happy place in countryside. After a short span of happy time together, fate again turns against them and their families find their place. Again they are put in trouble and this time their families are ready to even kill them if they don’t give up on each other. To get them back to home, their families trick them by saying that they are ready to accept their love. Overjoyed by family’s acceptance, Rashmi comes home unaware that Raj is contracted to kill by her brothers. Upon knowing their malicious intentions, Rashmi runs to save Raj but by then the killers have reached to Raj. This beautiful musical by Mansoor Khan is counted among the best Bollywood movies too.

 9. Wake Up Sid

wake up sid Bollywood Love Stories All Romance Lovers

Another refreshing flick by Ayaan Mukherji. Wake Up Sid is a story of Siddharth Mehra, a rich lad who is totally careless of his career, responsibilities and the complications of life. Hanging out with his college buddies, spending his father’s money and partying are the only tasks he does. His smooth life gets a brake when his father disavows him from all his wealth and tells him to learn standing up on himself.


Disgraced by the act of his father, Siddharth i.e. Sid decides to leave home and Aisha, a new girl in his city, who has come in search of a career, supports him by allowing him to stay in her home. Living with each other, Sid and Aisha start caring for each other. Aisha supports Sid in finding his real way of life and Sid finally becomes self-sustainable. Finding about his changed attitude, Sid’s father decide to call him back but to go home, he has to leave Aisha which he doesn’t want. This movie was not super hit but for sure a must watch love story in our teenage love stories list.    

10. Dev D

dev_d Bollywood Love Stories All Romance Lovers


And finally, Dev D, another movie of Abhay Deol that has to be a very unique love story in this list. This offbeat project by talented director Anurag Kashyap was highly anticipated and did successfully live up to its expectations. Dev D was a modernized version of Devdas where Devdas is depicted as Dev, a spoiled youngster who ruins his relationship with his childhood love Paro after sequences of misunderstanding.


Hurt by Dev’s selfish attitude, stops loving Dev and marries someone else. On the other hand, the breakup he caused leads Dev to the addiction of drugs, drinks and sex at a place where Leni, an escaped young girl is prostituting. Unaware of her profession, Dev falls in love with Leni but he leaves her when he comes to know her reality. After a devastating period of being alone, Dev realizes that he has ruined his own life and decided to put his act together to start his life afresh. Dev D was a modern, romantic and black comedy drama that everyone might not like, but it is surely one among the best teenage love stories of India.

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