#BoycottDilwale Trending: People React Intense & Funny


It’s pretty interesting to observe how Indian media keeps breaking the news day by day. Hardly a few days have been to the controversy of Aamir’s statement that took our media virally and a brand new controversy is in the market. The US model and now a Bollywood actress known for her BINDASS attitude, Nargis Fakhri, has got fumed by Pakistani journalists followed by the people themselves.


Meanwhile, it seems like the singles screens that were running “Dilwale” only in India will have find some other alternative to keep their money coming. While Dilwale is performing quite well at Pakistani Box Office, it seems to stagger in its very home. After protests by some voluntary national organizations, its collections have started observing a big doom as the theatre owners start trading the shows with “Bajirao Mastani”. Lucky for Ranbir Singh.


This protests have provoked many Indians and the way we Indians are; it is always supposed to be funny as well. These are some really witty and funny remarks by people to make yourself smile at least if you haven’t seen Dilwale yet and are not going to have a chance to do it.

Someone noticed that

And when the Red Chillies official tagged someone on Twitter 😛

It’s rude, but, toothpaste main namak ho ya na ho khoon main desh ka namak hona zaroori hai!

Winds are totally against Dilwale, but it is, at least, promoting the #ChennaiFloods relief campaign!! 

And this seems funny, but legit too

Coz Varun Dhavan once told that it’s like Inception :O


A secular production co-produced by Awards Returnee :’) ROFL

And yeah, this hilarious parody of Dilwale’s “Gerua” 😉 

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