Nothing Can Describe The Pain Of Exams Better Than This Video by Carryminati


We all have been child once upon a time. We all had different friends, different schools and whole different ways of life, but for almost all of us biggest pain in ass was education!

Studies made us scratch our head and want to suicide. And that too got worse when we had to face exams. Exams were like worst nightmares and made us do all the crazy things we’d never do otherwise. Well, If you’ve also been an exam-phobiac in your school time, Carryminati’s hilarious take on our mental situation during exams will put you to nostalgia and make you go ROFL.

In this video, Carryminati has trolled teachers, principals, students, parents and even absurd morales of our society in his usual, loud style of roasting. From motivating lectures to depressing exam nights, this video has all we used to do while exams. So here it is; enjoy & share. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog if you like this.

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