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9 Reasons Why Dumbest People Are Taken But You’re Single

Why are you still single? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Are you still waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right to come into your life? You may think that you don’t have any control over...

15 Such Crazy Jobs Across the Globe that You Will Not Believe Exist

As kids, we've always been asked this question and our mad-cap answers answers have made our parents smile. But little did they know that most of what we said were actually full-fledged professions (there's...

Expert’s Guide To Styling & Growing A Perfect Beard

For years, the clean-cut man-boy was ruling the Runway. Then a gritty crew rolled in and changed the game. With it, the beard invasion began. Whether we’re talking about a thick, a beard is...
Miss Universe candidate from Guyana Soyini Fraser competes during a national costume preliminary competition in Pasay, Metro Manila

#MissUniverse2017Pageant: 15 Most Bewildering National Costumes

  Well, you can't say they don't have national pride! While the Miss Universe 2017 pageant Which was Livestream on television on Sunday, January 29, the preliminaries are well underway — and the wildly...

Iphone 8: Specs Revealed. Full List Here

The iPhone 7 is barely out of its package yet, As the world is still debating on whether the recently released iPhone 7 is a hit or a miss, many people have turned their attention...

Bollywood’s 13 Movie Dialogues Which Will Never Let You Feel Down


30 Epic Dialogues of Angry Teachers Every Indian Student Must Have Heard

In India, school days are probably the most amazing days of life. Sometimes even more amazing than the college days. That innocence and that friendship is something that leaves its footprints on your mind...

Simple Psychology Hacks to Manipulate People & Situations for Your Benefits

Psychology empowers people to convert simple routine activities into high pay-off  interactions. The tricks are usually simpler and only demand careful consideration and implementation from your side. So here we are sharing 20 quite simple...
i dont care

It’s Not That I’m Lazy It’s Just I Don’t Care

It is too easy to get trapped in the dogma of society and of what others think about you. In your quest of being rocking to the world, you often hinder your possibilities of...

7 Simple Style Hacks For Men to Stay Hot This Winter

Winter is in its full gust and atmosphere is freaking chilled. Even an early morning cup of tea with my girlfriend is harder than solving a 50-step mathematical equation in such a biting climate....

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