i dont care

It’s Not That I’m Lazy It’s Just I Don’t Care

It is too easy to get trapped in the dogma of society and of what others think about you. In your quest of being rocking to the world, you often hinder your possibilities of...

#BoycottDilwale Trending: People React Intense & Funny

It’s pretty interesting to observe how Indian media keeps breaking the news day by day. Hardly a few days have been to the controversy of Aamir’s statement that took our media virally and a...
most beautiful college

7 Most Beautiful Colleges Of India That You’ll Totally Regret For Not Studying In

College life is the most rocking period of anyone’s life. It gives you so many experiences and people that you will remember for your lifetime. However, every collegian would definitely have a complaint in...

7 Simple Style Hacks For Men to Stay Hot This Winter

Winter is in its full gust and atmosphere is freaking chilled. Even an early morning cup of tea with my girlfriend is harder than solving a 50-step mathematical equation in such a biting climate....

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