10 Habits of Children You Should Imitate to Stay Happy Forever


There are 101 ways of being happy and successful in your life but have you ever thought that all of them require compromises and give ups that are not necessary mostly? Our kind mother nature has designed us to be happy and successful inherently but often we forget that we have some built-in tendencies that could make us happiest and successful persons in the world very easily and naturally. One of the great way to succeed naturally is to learn to live like a child.

Sounds too simple? It is. Indeed. By following these 10 happiness & success mantras consistently as children do, I am sure your life will become happier & more successful eventually.

1. Make Friends Everywhere

Children You Should Imitate to Stay Happy Forever

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As we grow elder we become more picky in making friends. We want others to proceed first to befriend us while children would rather simply go to the person and start talking with him/her. Having friends is probably the biggest security of life & would assure you that you will never be alone whenever you need some help or support. This kind of support network helps you a lot in keeping up your life spirit, hence you will be more plausible for success.

2. Laugh When You Want To Laugh & Cry When You Want To Cry

Children You Should Imitate to Stay Happy Forever

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As a grown up we restrict ourselves in our behavior. We don’t laugh freely, we don’t cry openly & we don’t express easily. The reasons? Only because we start caring of how the world would look at us when we do it. On the other hand, children knows no conscious behavior. They just express what they are feeling & it is quite good because it truncates your sadness & suppressed feelings that are buried inside your mind. This way you won’t have any feeling unaddressed and you will be able to live more happily and more focused.

3. Let It Go

Children You Should Imitate to Stay Happy Forever

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Children never keep sad past stories and hurtful moments in their memory-bank. Although they are momentarily distressed or distracted when somebody, something or a failure hurts them, they quickly & easily switch back to normal. On the other hand, we grown ups keep our resistances & enemies always in our minds and tend to get more easily in control of our distracting tendencies which makes us feel unhappy & in turns less likely to be successful.

4. Don’t Think Too Much

Children You Should Imitate to Stay Happy Forever

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As a mature person, we feel that we are supposed to critically think upon every idea & every issue before proceeding further as we have to fulfill our responsibilities. From routine decisions to corporate strategies, we think a lot & diminish the power that lies in our ability of spontaneous thinking. Children, on the other hand, think spontaneously & don’t give a second thought to their decision due to any less plausible possibility.

Mostly those who became successful were used to take calculated risks but they never gave a second thought to their crazy ideas that would shrink their success potential. Thinking too much deprives your possibility of success and you are less likely to take any action rather.

5. Try New Things

Children You Should Imitate to Stay Happy Forever

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Children are always open to trying new things. When they find something to be different than usual, they try it without thinking of loss. E.g. even if they like the taste of orange flavored candy, they will go for newly come red-cherry candy because it looks nice and is new in the shop. The habit of trying new things is directly connected with our IQ level. The bigger the catalog of your trial list is, the more diverse your knowledge will be.

Trying new things opens up your mind and it is also one of the factor in their life who became successful overnight. Here are some real-life crazy ideas that wouldn’t have been possible if that people hadn’t tried it.

6. Be Adventurous

Children You Should Imitate to Stay Happy Forever

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As a child I dared to jump off from first floor to the ground without fear, I dared to ride bicycle standing on its carrier but I have quit that things now because I’m now more fearful to injuries and risks that lies in doing it. Although we knew all that possibilities when we were child too, we start taking those fears more seriously after growing elder and hence our adventure spirit deprives with time.

We should not let the adventurous child in us die & keep up doing crazy adventures to make our life alive & thrilling. These activities nurture our mind, decrease our fears and increase our physical abilities which is very essential to live happy, healthy & confident.

7. Don’t Believe Until You Feel It

Children You Should Imitate to Stay Happy Forever

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When you were child you didn’t directly believe it when your elders advised you to stay away from the cow as she could hit you. You would still go to that cow & try to touch her because you were more curious than fearful & you wouldn’t believe that till the cow hit you indeed. That’s how we all are supposed to be.

We are humans and all of us perceive the world with our own experiences. So make sure that you do not stop trying and failing because your world is different than others. And so should it be.

8. Love Them Who Love You, Ignore Them Who Don’t

Children You Should Imitate to Stay Happy Forever

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Children love unconditionally. When you behave good with a child, play with him or get him chocolates, he will sincerely appreciate you. No matter how rude his mother behaves with him, a child would still love her because he knows that she is her mother and she cares for her. On the other hand, they also do not bother about them who don’t love them. They do not go to people who don’t treat them good, but instead they be with those who are good for them.

When you live with people who care for you genuinely, your life will be happier & more positive. Don’t try to fit in all groups around you, find the one that resonates with you and be there with all your hearts. It will help a lot.

9. Be Curious

Children You Should Imitate to Stay Happy Forever

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Don’t let yourself stop questioning. Mostly as a grown up, we stop ourselves from asking questions that might make us look silly but are important. Although as a child we used to innocently ask question that came to our mind without thinking about the resulting impression of ours due to that question. This process keeps us learning and growing & is quite essential for our knowledge. So be curious like children & question everything till you get the answer.

10. Be Yourself

Children You Should Imitate to Stay Happy Forever
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“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” — This part of Steve Job’s Stanford convocation speech tells us a lot about importance of being ourselves. Children do not care about anybody else.

They do not have to impress people and behave well-mannered to look good to others. They simply bethemselves and that’s why children naturally attract us. They are too innocent to fake out themselves & hence they are inherently appealing. Be yourself no matter what, don’t try to change yourself to look good to the world, be yourself & you will attract people like you in your life, who will understand you and appreciate you. This is how celebrities and superstars are made!

So what do you think? You should be mature or more like a child? Well, be child and mature according to the needs of situation, it always helps. Start changing yourself right now and you’ll see a big difference in your life. If looking good is one of your instincts, have a look at our collection of t-shirts and clothes, you will love it.

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