Should Dhoni give up captaincy? Here’s what an unbiased Indian says


It won’t be an exaggeration if we say Cricket would be our national sport if it was people’s decision. Cricket is like our religion and people even worship cricketers. Our International Cricket Team has consistently been among top 3 teams of the world and we always have a surge of upset whenever India is playing for a finale!


Despite such glorious track record of our team, it often pricks us that we are consistently 2nd; Despite being a country of Billions, we are not able to overtake Australia and rank 1st. Especially our defeat in India tours Australia 2016 has recently proved that there is something wrong with our team.


If you take a look at the last 50 ODI matches that Indian Cricket Team has played, we have won 26 matches & lost 20 matches; the rest 4 being with no results. And as of now, Indian team with the rating of 112, is on 2nd spot in ICC International ODI records, leveling with South Africa’s same rating and just 1 rating ahead of New Zealand. However, Australia is on top with 129, being 17 ratings ahead of India.


While our new, young team is looking quite energetic and powerful, Dhoni’s captaincy is somehow disgracing.


Unlike Kohli’s captaincy, when our players seem to be aggressively chasing the victory, Dhoni’s team seems to play to avoid the defeat. As an individual player, no doubt Dhoni does the wonders. He is the pillar of our team and our last hope when the team is losing wickets one by one, but as a captain, he is somehow continuously disgracing since last few matches.


After our defeat in yesterday’s match against Australia, Dhoni said that the players weren’t groomed enough. But isn’t that what a captain must do? And why were Gurkeerat and Dhawan chosen in such an important match for making their ODI debuts, while Sran playing in his third international match?


Though our team has been quite strong at batting, the bowling side is quite ignored. In fact, Dhoni’s bowling order decisions have consistently been questionable. In the last match, he could have avoided Sran in the important period of last overs and he could have sent Jadeja earlier rather than holding him back for last few overs. This one was a big reason why we had to lose despite a significant score of 295 in our first innings. Dhoni’s individual performance shined in the match, but his team strategy didn’t work.


No doubt Dhoni is the most successful captain in Indian team’s history and he has been a great strategist of our time. But since a few months, his hunger of victory seems faded away. It is quite obvious to argue that our victories and defeats depend upon the whole team and not a single person, but then who is the person responsible for the team performance?


It seems like the whole reason of our inability to change the captain resides in our cultural roots; our typical tendency of aversion towards the change.

Indian sports committee, just like every second government unit in India, is sluggish in response to the requirements of the time. Unlike Australia, we don’t replace our captain as soon as his hunger and passion seem died. As big the captaincy record Dhoni holds, it seems quite unfair to judge him on the basis of a few matches; but is it fair to mercy on one person and compromise our team legacy for that? Dhoni used to be a great captain and he’s still a valuable asset to our team but Isn’t it the high time that Dhoni should be replaced by a constantly top performing player like Virat Kohli who seems more positive and more promising for upcoming matches? What’s your say?

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