5 Reasons Marrying Earlier than 25 Can be a Big Goof of Your Life


Marriage is a critical decision, especially when you are living in India. Our society is obsessed with the concept of arranged marriage and even a couple in love is supposed to be married much earlier than 23 at most places. Living in our typical society, it is harder for anyone to elongate their marriage time and this often becomes the reason of pain in ass later.

Lately, people are realizing that the best age of marriage is between 25-32, but our society doesn’t let us think beyond obvious. So if you are less than 25 and are being forced for marriage, don’t let people give in. Here are 5 unarguable reasons why you should avoid marrying before 25 at any cost.



  1. 1. You still need to be earning more
    As per our societal strcuture, most of the people start earning in their 20s, which means- by 25 you have just experienced 5 or less years doing your job or business. As per the leading surveys from around the world, 20s is just a beginning phase of career and 30s and 40s are the peak areas of one’s career.

    So waiting for a few more years in your 20s could be a better option for growth of your career because you are much freer and you can relocate much easier before marriage. After the marriage, your career might stumble to the second step of your priorities. 

  2. 2. You still judge people by what they appear to be
    You might think of yourself being mature enough to make decision about marriage, but you are not; unless you have faced exceptional crises in your life. There are 25 signs showing that a person is mature and you can check them out for yourself if you are not sure about your maturity level.
    Nevertheless, before 25, you are just another youngster who judge people by their external appearance and their physical impression. You are still affected by glam and glory more than wit and capability of a person.

  3. 3. You might not have enough experience of love and breakups yet
    It is very familiar fact that most of the boys and girls in India change or quit their partners after completion of their academics. Most of the people find new relations i.e. boyfriends and girlfriends after their college because their jobs become a confidence factor for them to find a better partner finally. If you marry too early, you may later feel that you could have dated another girl/boy or could have been with a better partner if you had waited a bit.
    Marrying your first love might seem ethically ideal, but in reality, one bad experience or one break up in the relationship can make you better realize what sort of person you want for your marriage. After 25, most of people would have clear idea of what sort of person they need in their life.


  4. 4. You still don’t know what you want in your life
    Because of the intersection of love experiences, physical changes, beginning of career and social responsibilities; you won’t be 100% clear about what are your goals in life. In early 20s, most of the people are juggling between their priorities and have hardly given any particular direction to their life.
    So if you are less than 25, the chances are that you still need to experience everything more to be better at decision making and to clear in your mind what sort of career and life partner you want. By 25, you will have most of things sorted in your life and hence you would have your life goal clear too. When your goals are clear, you will lead to a better and happier married life infallibly.


  5. 5. You are not ready yet to involve in social responsibilities
    In India, marriage is not merely an association between two people and their lifestyle; for us, it is association of two different families and the backgrounds they come from. So after marriage you will have to be socially active too to make everybody comfortable and to smoothen your married life.
    Whether you are a boy or a girl, if you fail to carry your social responsibilities correctly, it might affect your married life. In early 20s most of people are not yet ready to take charge of their social responsibilities as career is the foremost priority at this age. Marrying after 25 enables you to efficiently handle your social responsibilities and leads to a happier married life.

There was a wide-scale survey carried out about divorce rates in the different age of marriages and the results concluded that the most successful marriages i.e. the least divorce rate was found in marriages happened between the age of 25-32. So, in all, if you want the most assurance about a happy married life, try to postpone them later than your 25. You will be happy that you did it!

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