Expert’s Guide To Styling & Growing A Perfect Beard


For years, the clean-cut man-boy was ruling the Runway. Then a gritty crew rolled in and changed the game. With it, the beard invasion began. Whether we’re talking about a thick, a beard is just about the most on-trend accessory you can pull on this season. And while they look great on a beanie-and-cardigan-wearing gang like Fleet Foes, they’re not just for dudes who dress down. One thing that perfectly highlights the style quotient of the urban man is his sharpness in looks and thoughts. Now in such cases, being well groomed can instantly change your game. So, here are some tips which you might need to note down if you want to pull off cool beard styles this year.

1. Frame Your Beard Style

plan your beard style

Firstly, You need to picture the kind of beard you want before you start shaving. Not just that, you need to coordinate it according to your hairstyle and face shape. Plan it accordingly ahead to crack the perfect look

2. Remove The disorderly Facial Hair

Remove extra hair

Style it the right way, with the right tools. Regularly maintain the unruly facial hair on the sides and the neckline. Use a smooth operator like the Gillette Mach3 Turbo, and give it a sleek shave without nicks and cuts . Apply some beeswax and comb it to set it well.

3. Follow A Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle

To grow a healthy- looking beard at a reasonable pace, you need to have a high-protein diet with lots of green veggies. This can be backed up with vitamins and supplements too. Regular exercise like weight-lifting will also speed up beard growth says “Facial Hair Handbook” author and beard champion Jack Passion.

4. Don’t Shampoo Your Beard regularly

don't shampoo your beard everyday

The best thing you can do is to schedule your beard and hair wash on the same day. So, even if you wash it once in two days, that will be more than enough. Shampooing it every day makes the facial hair too dry.

5. Moisturize Your Facial Hair After A Shower

Moisture your beard

Since pores open up after a warm shower, you should apply beard oil and massage it over your face for a healthier look. This helps in keeping the facial hair soft and shiny and also prevents beard dandruff.

6. Don’t TrifleWith Your Beard

avoid this thing

Playing with your beard can be quite a mindless act, but this can cause damage resulting in split ends. So, just stick to a stress ball whenever you feel like fiddling with your beard.

7. Style Your Beard

style your beard

Keep removing off the small, fast growing hair so that your beard doesn’t lose its intended style.

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