Fan: Movie Review


So finally, one of the most awaited movie of 2016 from the Khan trilogy is out in theatres and many of us are going to spend some 150 mins of our weekend in theatre to see SRK in a music-less & heroine-less movie! Fan is Shahrukh’s biggest movie after his ambitious Ra.One and had set great expectation on SRK lover’s mind specially.

So is it on par with our expectations? Would Shahrukh fans like it? Would Shahrukh’s non-fans like it? Well, read this review and you will know.


As expected from the trailer, Fan is about an exuberant and ardent fan of a superstar whose life almost revolves around his matinee idol. The 20 year fan of Aryan Khanna is so crazy for him that he can go to any limits just to meet him. His house is like a museum of his star’s photos and even his business of cyber café reflects his passion for him. Following his insane passion for Aryan Khanna, the small-city boy Gaurav Chanda takes an unusual path to meet him for 5 minutes. All he wants to is to show him the trophy he won for mimicking him and wish him a Happy Birthday.

But, contrary to what he expected, his idol rudely rejects his advances and then starts journey of a sinister who wants to make his superstar realize that he and the persons like him are actually the people who make them superstars. What happens in the end is what you should watch the movie for.

First and second half:
First 30 minutes of movie are just amazing. It starts with Gaurav Chanda’s award-winning performance at a local superstar sitara competition, which is executed so well that it will keep you smiling and enjoying the middle-class atmosphere which director Maneesh Sharma always brilliantly weaves into his films. However, as the plot advances the story starts to become irrational giving you that’s-a-bit-much moments. While the first and second half are almost equally entertaining, it might pain you to see the movie if you try to become logical and relate it with real life. The climax of movie is done well but you will enjoy it only if you put the logic aside. And don’t expect it to be too unpredictable.

The story written by Habib Faisal is somehow similar to the Hollywood movie with the same name but the climax is unexpected and typically BOLLYWOODY. As the story moves to the end, everything becomes so dramatic and irrational that only die hard Bollywood fans could digest it. If you are lover of Hollywood and high profile movies, this might disappoint you. People who love Shahrukh will definitely enjoy this as it encompasses one of the finest performances of Sharukh Khan ever, or at least the best in last five years.

What boggles my mind is how a middle class fan who has less than average exposure to some exclusive resources could manage to become a deadly stuntman just to teach his superstar a lesson. You wonder how a fan with no access to his star’s personal agents could get his number, get to his house and vandalize it. How such a big star could not have CCTVs in his house and would not report to police when such an insane fan vandalizes in his house!

Plus Points:

  • Shahrukh’s performance in both roles
  • Engaging first half
  • Climax action


  • Weak 2nd half
  • Loopholes in story
  • Over-dramatic at points

Having said all that, it is for sure that all Shahrukh lovers will definitely enjoy this movie. After all, we Indians dil-logical!  It has power packed performance by Shahrukh in both the characters and connects well with typical Indian emotions. So no wonder if it becomes a big hit and gets average critics reviews. The movie somehow manages to play fair with viewer’s emotions and those who are not Shahrukh fans might regret watching this. Otherwise it is a perfect weekend watch.

Our rating:
3 stars out of 5

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