Fitoor: Worth Watching or Not? To-the-point Movie Review


The much awaited Bollywood flick Fitoor is out and as usual, for our readers we are here again with its movie review. Don’t hurry if you are going to see Fitoor. Read this review first. You might not want to spend your money for the movie after reading this.

Fitoor is a story set in the backdrop of Kashmir where the love between a poor boy Noor and a royal family girl Firdaus takes place in their childhood. After growing up, Firdaus is sent to Delhi to become an artist. Noor is also a great artists but he lacks the scale, the glam and the presentation to be at higher level. After a long gap between their meeting, when Noor & Firdaus meet again in Delhi, love strikes them again.

However, Firdaus is engaged to someone else by then. This is when Tabu i.e. Begum Hazrat comes into play. She had her heart broken in her youth and hence she has grown up hating men and due to the same, she becomes an obstacle between Noor and Firdaus’ love story. She makes Firdaus her probe to break Noor’s heart and what happens next is what you should watch in the movie itself.

Despite Katrina and Aditya are the leads of story, Tabu steals the show throughout the movie. While Katrina and Aditya also do great job at acting, the dramatic energy of movie seems mostly due to Begum Hazrat i.e. Tabu. Cinematography by Anay Goswami is truly breathtaking and the portrayal of location and sets has been beautifully done on the camera.

The first half of the movie is no less than a visual treat that gives you a typical feel of Sanjay Leela Bhansali movies. The detailing in story that is adapted from Charles Dicken’s thirteenth novel Great Expectations is quite exquisite and adds to the overall experience. Lara Dutta comes as a surprise in movie and quite brilliantly justifies her character, while Aditi Rao Hydari and Ajay Devgan also appear in cameo. Throughout the movie, Amit Trivedi’s music fits quite perfectly with storyline and visuals and makes it a treat for your ears too.

No doubt the movie is detailed very well, but it could have been better with a well-crafted script. Though dialogues have punch, sometimes they seem to add nothing in the story. In first half, the movie is stagnant and in a complete hour, the director only establishes that Noor and Firdaus’s love is not favorable for them.

In second half, the story takes pace as Tabu takes prominence, but again the climax is heftily folded with a peculiar flow. With a deeper analysis of the novel’s characters, it probably could be much better. The story becomes confusing towards the end. Except the flaws in the script of movie, everything seems alright with movie. Those who have read the novel Great Expectations, would enjoy the movie, but those who have not read it will find the movie complicated at points.

Overall, the movie feels magical. Has great music, great acting and an artistic touch that people will love, but the ‘wow’ factor is missing. People who enjoy exceptional audio & visuals will like it, but for the story it’s a good one time watch only.  .

If you are planning the movie for weekend, Fitoor is good to watch. Just don’t enter the theatre with too much of expectation.

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