7 Proven Reasons Why You Have No Girlfriend Yet


An experiment was conducted on fishes to figure out the psychology of female attraction which brought some really interesting facts to the researcher’s eyes. In brief, the realization was that the brightest male fishes in the group attracted the most female fishes because they were the healthiest ones by genetics.


However, something unexpected happened when two male fishes had the same brightness. Among the two male fishes with same brightness, all the female fishes would go after the one which was already chosen by a female fish!


Though this was a non-human experiment, researchers found it applicable on humans as well. Such dominant males in our society are called alpha males and in short, alpha males in our society are those who attract the most girls despite there is tons of competition.


For example, many men don’t have good looks, charming personality or sometimes even the money, but they still have gorgeous girlfriend or girlfriends just because they know how to woo them. Surprisingly, being an alpha male is not a privilege but it’s a skill that can be developed consciously. By following the alpha male psychology, you can have maximum chances to get a girlfriend. So, if you are single, not to worry. You must be doing something wrongly and you can get a girlfriend by fixing yourself the right way.


Here are 7 scientifically proven reasons why you can’t attract a girl in your life & what to do about it.


Reason #1.


If you show the neediness to talk with her and get her attention, she’ll not find you worth any attention. Avoiding any conscious effort to catch her attention will improve your impression as a dominant one between you two. This way she will find you mysterious and try to catch your attention on the contrary.  Instead of approaching a woman with words like “Hi beautiful” & “Hi, how are you?” just say “Hi” or “Hello” to any lady when you meet her and instead of paying too much attention, better you ignore her.


Reason #2. You can’t maintain a steady eye contact

As per a survey done on women, losing eye contact was biggest attention killer in men. Keeping a steady eye contact with a woman means you are confident of yourself and not in just attracting ladies, but this skill is also useful for any kind of interview.


Reason #3. You are acting like a pervert

If you drool for sex, you are just another man in the league. You can be sexy, but to differentiate yourself from the crowd, you need to be an approachable guy. Your eyes shouldn’t reflect lust. Don’t even look at a woman’s private parts when talking with her. Don’t touch her quickly. It shows that you are pervert and all you want is to get laid with her. You should avoid it at any cost. Being pervert will not turn-on any girl, except a SLUT (in most cases).


Reason #4. You always initiate heavy conversations

If you are too intelligent in talks, most girls would avoid you. Though girls like sensible conversations too, it’s not a favorable turn-on factor usually. Avoid conversations on the topics like feminism, sex and politics etc which are heavy and controversial, especially during first few meetings. If you do, there will be either of these two types of responses; either you will repel her or, you will drive her into a wrong direction where she will end up being a fan or friend of you.


Reason #5. You’re stinky or unhygienic

Many would say this isn’t necessary, but being unhygienic can be a big turn-down for women. Being untidy is never in any woman’s ideal man list while being neat is not a loss at all. So whenever you are around the girl you desire, be neat and clean. Have some cologne or deo sprayed and keep your breath smell good with some pocket mint before you are around her.


Reason #6. You’re too conscious

If you are too thoughtful of how you are sounding and what you are doing, you will unconsciously turn her off. Girls are greatly capable of getting visual cues, so if you are talking with her but conscious about yourself, thinking something else in your mind, she will quickly find it and it will disinterest her. Instead, try to enjoy the moment being yourself. Stay happy and enjoy being with her. Listen to her attentively but be interactive too. This way you will be able to keep her engaged and entertained.


& Reason #7. You are too serious

Whether it’s your school girl or your office colleague, nobody can resist a guy who is humorous. Nobody wants to get stuck to serious people in her life. Similarly, no girl wants to be hung with a serious guy. You don’t need to be a standup comedian but you should at least be a good story teller for the most chances of getting a girl. If you don’t have an approachable smile on your face and some good things to talk upon, it definitely can be the reason why girls dislike you.

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