Hyderabad Man Gets Cinemagoers Arrested For Not Standing Up During National Anthem


Nation Anthem 2 men arrested for not standing

There are lots of stories of people beating someone for not to stand in National Anthem. Some of them couldn’t do that because of their disability while some of them chose not to stand up because national anthem is not the only criteria to prove our patriotism. And the most important question that we need to address is that why do we need to prove orjustify our love for our country.

national anthem in theater

Few days back, A Hyderabad man recently got two men arrested for not standing up during the national anthem before a movie. A television journalist A. Sampath in Hyderabad helped in the arrest of two men, Syed Shafi Hussain and Mohammed Ilyas at INOX at Maheshwari Parmeshwari Mall in Kachiguda. A case was registered under Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971 by the Sultan Bazaar Police while they were watching the movie ‘Chitrangada’.  It carries a sentence of up to 3 years in jail and/or fine.

Both are Indian citizen, 30-year-old Hussaini had been working in Australia for several years and had temporarily come to India for his wedding and was scheduled to head back soon after. “I had sprained my leg climbing the stairs, Though I was about to stand during the national anthem, I heard someone behind me shouting, ‘arrey… arrey’. When I heard him shout, I was really annoyed and didn’t stand. I had committed a very big crime, as if I murdered someone”, he said. The men were finally released on bail that night after being detained in the police station for 4 hours.

He told to Scroll website, “I just want to know this – if it is punishable to not stand up during the national anthem, then shouting during the national anthem should also be a crime, right? I too can file a case against him”

In a similar case of harassment by vigilantes in Hyderabad a physically handicapped movie watcher was threateningly asked why she didn’t stand up for national anthem. When she showed her fractured my leg, she was told ‘Then, why did you come for a movie?’

National Anthem is our pride. It’s our recognition and it’s certainly not that weak that it will lose its importance in our eyes if a random person chooses not to stand up for it, especially in a movie hall.



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