IND vs SA: Every Cricket Lover Must Watch This Thrilling Last Over of ICC WWC Qualifier


It’s hard to find a person around you who religiously follows women’s Cricket even if we’re talking about international cricket, but it doesn’t mean that Women’s Cricket is any less interesting than men’s. The same was proved a day before by Indian Women Cricket team.

In ICC Women World Cup qualifier 2017, India had 9 runs to score against South Africa in the last over and there were just two wickets left. On very first ball of the last over, even 9th wicket was gone and it became almost impossible for India to score it. Till last two balls, India had almost lost its hope to win the match, but then India’s Harmanpreet Kaur made some brilliant moves and won the crowd along with the match. This is something every true Cricket lover will love to see. Well, here’s the video:

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