#SalutePathankotBravehearts: 12 Great Things about Indian Army Everyone Should Know


While we all were welcoming New Year with applause of crackers and drinks in full swing, some five assholes entered India and stormed the Air Base of Pathankot.


What happened was; On 31st December night, some five terrorists landed at the Indo-Pakistani border across the River Ravi. After obstructing a taxi around there, they killed the taxi driver and drove it to the isolated road nearby. There they intercepted a multi-utility vehicle belonging to Salwinder Singh, a Punjab Police superintendent in Dinanagar who were returning from a shrine and entered the Indian Airforce Air Base at Pathankot worn in the Indian Army uniform. Though their plan was to leave the whole Airforce in the flames, they couldn’t even destroy a single army vehicle and were busted by our brave heart military.


Unfortunately, seven of our brave soldiers martyred too and had to victimize in Jaish-E-Mohammed’s dreadful effort to distort the peace between India and Pakistan after the recent Pakistan visit of our PM.


In the dumb media game of questions rose over the unawareness of government and military, it becomes very vital for us to know that our Army was not at fault.


There are four areas in the Pathankot IAF and each military area has different areas with different levels of security. There is an outer visitor’s area where outside (civilian) visitors report and thereafter guided to or escorted to depending on the area they wish to visit. Then there is administrative area where offices are located, further there are logistic areas where logistic personal or stores are there and then there are classified technical areas where classified or high value assets are located. Finally there are operations rooms which are generally under-ground in bomb proof shelters and heavily guarded.

The terrorists as per the information available only reached the first area and were effectively isolated and thereafter neutralized.


Up to an extent the intelligence agencies were at fault, but it is not always possible to avoid each and every terrorist attack as our country has a huge border and comparatively lower army density and tougher terrains. Plus soldiers are not equipped with high end technology like drones and surveillance robots.


Anyways, whatever happened is truly sad and alarming to the nation and we will always be indebted to the martyrs we lost and their families for giving us such heroes. In the environment of opinions where people are blindly blaming the soldiers and Punjab Police, we feel an immediate need to highlight these awesome things about Indian Military:


1. Indian Army has the highest battlefield in the world. The Siachen Glacier is 5000 metres above the mean sea level.



2. Unlike the many other armies in the world Indian Army is voluntary and still it is the biggest “volunteer” army in the world.
3. Indian Army has no reservation based on caste, religion etc.


4. The Battle of Longewala, on which the movie “Border” is based was fought by only 120 Indian Soldiers with 1 Jeep mounted M40 recoilless rifle against 2000 Pakistani soldiers laden with 45 tanks and 1 mobile infantry brigade and yet our army held the ground throughout the night and overpowered the aggressors.



5. Operation Rahat, carried out to rescue more than 19,000 people during Uttarakhand floods, was biggest rescue operation ever carried out in the history of mankind.



6. MES the Military Engineering Services is one of the largest construction agencies in India and has built the highest bridge in the world, the Bailey Bridge.



7. Agni and Prithvi both are nuclear-capable ballistic missiles of Indian Army and are among the most accurate in the world in their respective categories. Prithvi will always hit within 50m of its target coordinates, thus making it devastating with even smaller payloads.


8. All the Indian Army soldiers are trained to serve the humans without any regard to their caste, religion or region. None of the Indian Army mess will ever serve non veg food on Tuesdays and Thursdays as a mark of respect to Lord Hanuman and Pir Baba respectively.


9. Celebrities like Abhinav Bhindra, MS Dhoni, Kapil Dev, Nana Patekar, Mohanlal, and others have been awarded honorary ranks as part of the Territorial Army.


10. Some Gurkha regiments, were so brilliant in their endeavors that the Queen of England decided to take them along with her to England when India and Pakistan were granted Independence in the August of 1947.Gurkha Infantry is still a part of British Army.


11. An officer, or any other rank, of any of the Special Forces Para Battalions of the Indian Army is probably the closest one will ever come to meeting Superman in real life. The training these men undergo in their probation is the stuff of legends.



12. Punjabis are probably the most patriotic residents of our country. In the battle of Saragrahi, merely 21 Sikhs bravely fought against more than 13,000 Afghanis. Though they knew they couldn’t win it and could have been alive if they surrendered, they fought till their last breathe in the spirit of nation.



If India is one of the most emerging countries of the world, one great factor is our unmatched army too. We often engage ourselves in celebrity gossips and achievements of our cricketers but hardly we care to read and share about our own soldiers, who are every now and then facing the death-fights to keep us safe and happy. If you have read till this sentence and feel grateful enough to our army, please do share this post with your friends, family and colleagues too. It will be your really grateful tribute to the martyrs of Pathankot and our Indian Army wherever, whenever they fight for us.

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