10 Reasons Why No Woman in the World Can Be a Better Wife than an Indian Woman


If you were born and brought up in India, you must have had some women in your life that played important part in keeping your life easy & smooth. Being physically less stronger than men, women are usually taken for granted in mostly male-dominated Indian society. However, if you are even a little thoughtful person, you must accept the fact that women is why this world is livable & lovable. In India, it is said that “Behind every successful man, there is a woman”.

indian wifes are best


We have been lucky enough to have kind & loving women around us in all phases of our life and they deserve the due credit in bringing out the best in us. Here are the reasons why we love & respect every Indian women.  

1. Indian women are their man’s backing force.
No matter what situation her life is going through, an Indian woman always provides moral, emotional and ethical support to her men. A mother wakes her son up early morning to prepare for exams and cooks her breakfast, a sister irons her brother’s shirt for his interview, a colleague brings her office-mates a delicious tiffin & a wife ties her husband a tie for job. In so many little ways, they help the men in keeping up with life, without getting tired & discouraged, that the men would not even know it until they have to spend a part of their life without women.
2. They are silly, cute and natural. 
Most of Indian women think from heart & not from brain. They don’t try to evaluate you when you say “you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen”, they easily trust you and make you her center of the world. They cry childishly, they laugh crazily and they boast about their tiny achievements loudly but at the end of the day, they accept & stay what they are. They do not fake out their personality to cheat you selfishly.
3. They still prefer good persons rather than good looking ones. 
Unlike most of western countries where men’s richness and looks are given more importance by women in choosing life partners, most of Indian women still choose their life partner based on their personal values and thoughts.
4. They work longer than men. 
It might be hard for our male ego to accept it but it is mostly a truth that Indian women work more than men on average (more, in this context, doesn’t necessarily mean harder because physical capabilities of men and women are not same). Housewives wake up earliest and sleep latest while working Indian women do the job and manage the home routines at the same time. On the other hand, men in India mostly doesn’t do anything except their job. It is hard for any man to do as much work as an Indian woman do.

5. They still value the virtues like innocence, kindness, sympathy & love the most. 
Still a major portion of Indian girls believe that a kindness, sympathy and love are virtues but not the weaknesses of men. That’s why India has more chocolate boy celebrities compared to macho men.


6. They are best life partners. 
Indian women are desi as well as global. They are tender as well as tough. They are stupid as well as intelligent. An Indian girl always have different shades of personality which makes her attractive and desirable as a life partner.
7.  They are best mothers. 
From Jijabai to Nitu Singh, Indian women have always been a prime force in their son’s success stories. It is hard to find so many examples of mother-son love in any other country as there are in India.
8. They tolerate and compromise throughout their lifetime to keep the family happy and united. 
In Indian society girls are handed over more responsibilities than boys right from the childhood and it stays with them throughout the lifetime. When an Indian girl is child, she has to prepare her siblings before going to school, when the same girl becomes mature enough, she has to marry and leave her parents’ home for being a part of another family.  Then she has to anyhow fit into that family’s lifestyle and become a mother to further the family sequence.
After giving birth to a baby, an average Indian woman leaves her job and focuses on raising her children. Thus, throughout the lifetime, Indian women are necessitated to comply with others & they happily do it compromising their own goals and desires. It’s hard to accept but Indian women do more sacrifices in their life compared to men.
9. They value their relationships more than their ego. 
In a male-dominated society where men think they are superior, women keep their egos suppressed and value their men’s love more than her own ego. Mostly when there is a fight between two lovers or married people and the issue becomes critical, Indian girls dare to disregard men’s fault just because she doesn’t want to lose him. While on the other hand, it is too easy for men to leave a women for a silly ego-battle.
10. They are emotional
Indian women are emotional and gracefully shy. Their tender heart and innocent brains are probably the biggest factor that makes them adorable!
If you have read the article completely and made it till the end, I must say that you care at least. True women empowerment is not going to be fulfilled by shallow talks of feminism. It’s more a call to equality where men respect women and women respect men. It’s men’s responsibility to protect and respect women and not to misuse the physical abilities they have. Share this article if you agree with my points and leave your comment if you found anything I am missing or is worth discussing.

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