Here’s a message to the entire Galaxy. We’re Ready!

The latest collection from Sayitloud as the official merchandiser of DC India boasts about the team of Superheroes who have joined hands to protect the planet Earth against the powerful aliens. Whenever our planet Earth has been in trouble we have had one Superhero who has defended us against all odds. The world’s existence is under the scrutiny of the powerful aliens and one single Superhero is not enough to save the world. In such times of need, all the Superheroes have to join hands together and fight the evil. This Diwali, fight the evil with the help of your favourite Superhero squad and win everyone’s heart. Being huge fans of The Justice League, Sayitloud has decided to bring them to you in the best way possible… Apparels! Presenting to you the latest collection of Justice League featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg & Flash, by Sayitloud. Grab your hands on the official collection of DC’s Justice League by Sayitloud, on Flipkart & Myntra.

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