Kapoor & Sons: the Perfect Family Flick You Had Been Waiting for?


Finally the much awaited Bollywood flick Kapoor & Sons is out and I’m sure many of SayItLoud users must be excited about the movie. Well, turns out- your wait was worth it. We have just finished watching the movie and couldn’t help but write a review about it. Before you set your expectation unreasonably high, here are a few things you should know about Kapoor & Sons:


kapoor and sons


Shakun Batra had already made a significant mark and proved his Directorial DNA to be on the right place with his debut movie Ek Main Aur Ek Tu featuring Karina Kapoor & Imran Khan. Again the director is back with a different story altogether, that is, basically, a family drama subtly carrying a love story.



Fawad Khan plays the role of elder brother in the family who is tagged the perfect son of the family while Siddharth Malhotra is younger brother who has made peace with being the runner-up. While the brothers are estranged from each other, their parents are also having a struggling relationship which needs some fixes to their past to be in harmony. Despite their internal issues, the family somehow manages to look happy publicly, but as usual they all have the pain points where they just have to face themselves.

Kapoor & Sons is a complex tale of a dysfunctional family where their lively, 90 year old grandpa works as glue holding their family together. As if their mental obstructions are insufficient, both the brothers fall in love with the same girl and their relation takes another undesirable twist. Their grandpa in this situation works as their lighthouse and what happens next is what you should watch the movie for.



Almost every character in the movie justifies its role quite well, but Fawad Khan leaves a benchmark of his acting in this movie. Alia, despite having comparatively shorter role in the movie, manages to woo the audience(on a different note, her wardrobe is awesome!). Siddharth Malhotra has kept up well with his character and Ratna Pathak, Rishi Kapoor and Rajat Kapoor emerge to be the perfect extended cast for the film. Overall, performances are justifiably good.


Direction & storytelling:
Coming to the storytelling, we can confidently claim that this is one of the most well made movies of Bollywood ever. The movie starts on a light, delightful note and furthers with a pace that is neither slow nor speedy, but just perfect. Despite the complex storyline, it manages to be simple and enchanting. Shakun Batra’s direction and detailing of every character is immersive and the script written by Ayesha Devitre is brilliant. While the movie is slightly lengthier than 2 hours, it doesn’t have any dull or boring moment, thanks to the amazing editing by Shivkumar Paniker.

Technical aspects:
The Kapoor’s home is set in the lovely Nilgiri hill station of Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, which though has nothing to do with the storyline, provides a great visual relief to the viewers. Cinematography by Jeffery Bierman is well above the standards of an average Bollywood flick. The movie is one of the most visually appealing movies we have seen so far in Bollywood.

The music of Kapoor & Sons has already been topping the chart since it released and it beautifully accompanies the narration of story. You won’t want to leave the cinema hall till the credit song Let’s Nacho ends. Audio of the movie is simply as good as it should be.

Overall, no doubt the production values of movies are rich and it must have consumed a handsome part of the movie’s budget.

To conclude, Kapoor & Sons is one of the most well-made movies of Bollywood so far. It takes you on a feel-good ride of warm, funny, emotional & biting family drama. It is an urban family tale that majority of the audience could easily relate with.


Throughout the movie, you feel empathic with the characters and live the story along with them. It reminds you of how you and your family dedicate yourselves to keep up with each other even when the time is unfavorable. It is what Dil Dhadakne Do couldn’t be and makes a perfect family watch you will see after a long time in Bollywood.

So, if you are planning this for your weekend, book the tickets right now. You can thank us later.

Our rating: 4 out of 5

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