Ki & Ka: Worth Your Weekend Money or Not?


Hello there Friday lovers, nice to see you again on our review blog! Today, we’re going to give you a to-the-point review of the R. Balki movie Ki & Ka. This review will help you decide whether it’s worth your weekend money or not.428034-arjun-kareena-ki-n-ka

As seen in the trailer, Ki & Ka is an unconventional talk of two people who decide to challenge their gender roles imposed by societal norms. Balki previously directed movies like Paa, Cheeni Kum, Shamitabh & English Vinglish and as usual, with Ki & Ka, he has again decided to pick an offbeat topic sensitive in crux.

Ki & Ka has a pretty straight forward storyline as we found to be in the trailer. Kia i.e. Karina Kapoor is an ambitious corporate girl who aspires to be the CEO of a giant-head financial company. Kia believes in being strong and independent woman in her life so that she doesn’t need men to support her financially.
On the other hand, Karan is an IIM-B topper. He is the son of a Delhite businessman and not at all interested in business despite his education. Karan is influenced more by his mother and wants to be like her. He thinks doing household work is as important as earning bread and butter for the family and he wants to live the life of a homemaker.
After an unexpected meeting, Karan & Kia fall for each other and marry in a quick sequence of events. However, the problem starts when they enter the married life and unwelcoming views of their own family disgrace them. In the hurdles of emotions and expectations, does they succeed to keep their love for each other up? Well that’s to be seen by yourself.

Quite expectedly, the bigger part of the screenplay keeps Arjun Kapoor in the centre of the story and despite his monotonous dialogue delivery and same old expressions, he somehow manages to carry his role justifiably. It could have looked much better with bit more intensity from his side. On the other hand, Kareena Kapoor looks stunning from beginning to the end of the movie and does a great job at justifying her role. Kareena’s mother is played by Swaroop Sampat and her casual character adds some light humor to the story. While Arjun Kapoor’s father, Rajit Kapur delivers noticeable performance in a relatively shorter time.

Narration & Execution:
Beginning of the movie is refreshing. It starts with some background spotlight of both the characters and their ideologies. The complete first half seems gripping in terms of narration and director has kept everything quick and straight forward. There is almost no dull moment in the first half & you leave for the toilet break with a good feeling.
However, after such an interesting first half, the story starts fumbling and feeling episodic. It gets too dramatic and unrealistic on some points. In fact, the major plot gets sidelined in second half and the impression that viewers have set up about the movie seems to completely wash away eventually. Finally, after some perplexing moments, climax feels relieving. Overall, the second half sucks a bit.

The plot of the movie is quite fresh and supposed to be entertaining, but screenplay seems to have not justified the story enough. Dialogues seem cliché and screenplay seems to be hammered at points.

Cinematography in the movie is brilliant. Its music was already rocking the charts before its release and all the tracks are placed well in the movie, so songs don’t seem to be forced. Production values are rich and everything technical ranging from its cinematography to its background score feels good on ears and eyes.

In all, Ki & Ka is a great weekend watch for its plot, performances, music, cinematography and entertainment value but avoid it if you can’t tolerate slow paced and melodramatic movies.
For everything it provided to us as an audience, we would rate Ki & Ka 3 out of 5. A one time watch.

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