Koffee Shots With Priyanka


Priyanka Chopra’s fans back home who were yearning to catch a glimpse of her under the Indian skies, and hear her speak some Hindi and native English, were in for a treat in the latest episode of Koffee With Karan. PeeCee shed her global image and turned truly desi on the controversial couch of Karan Johar, while revealing a lot of stuff about her Hollywood life.

priyanka chopra with karan johar


Fun note with Karan and Priyanka taking coffee shots playing a game and revealed a lot about their personal lives. While there were many questions which Priyanka and Karan honestly answered, confessed that she had kissed her ‘ex’ after they broke up.

Koffee Shots With Karan.

koffee with karan priyanka chopra

Taking the famous tradition of the host giving shots to Priyanka forward, even Karan got her “drunk” but with a twist. He threw some no-bars attached questions about Priyanka’s personal life, to which she had no option but to reply honestly.

 Kissed an ex after break up – Yes

Judged someone’s fashion sense at a party – Yes

Had phone sex – Yes

Hit ‘send’ and immediately regretted – Yes

Sent a sensual message – Yes

Taken shower with partner – Yes

Made out with lights off – Yes

Priyanka also denied of being dressed for role-play in bed, called someone by the wrong name while hooking up and lied about being a virgin.

Priyanka is not just ruling Indian hearts, Hollywood screens, but even the couches! This was one of the most eye-popping and extremely bold episodes this season of koffee with kjo’s.

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