Did You Know How The Concept Of “Ladies First” Come Into Existence? You’ll Be Surprised!


Ladies first

It is common to hear the expression ‘ladies first’. Women, in particular, daily repeat it as if it is a rule. They actually feel proud of it, unknowing its origin and its real indications. They think it is praise to them, while it is a shame to be said according to its origin

You know, for men it acts like a perfect saying to show off how “Gentle-man” they are in front of ladies. And on the other side, a woman also feels good to see her man being totally nice to her. Ladies, don’t you agree on that? I’ll guess you do.

So it is a happy feeling to use this term. Right? But, don’t you wanna know how this term came into existence. I bet you want too.

After loooooooooonnnnnng research, I found 2 related stroies.


It is said that it was a concept that was used by men to protect women. There are 2 stories people believe that fall under the chivalrous act

  • In the ancient past, when cave dwellers used to hear sound from the outside then they used to send women first so that being a man they can attack bears and wild animals from behind.
  • During middle age knights, all the men use to throw their coat over a puddle of mud to allow a woman to pass over the other side safely.

A story in Italy

Two lovers who were in love with each other once decided to get married. But, due to the social circumstances their relatives didn’t approve their marriage proposal. In the wake of this, they decided to die together and so the plan of throwing themselves into the sea developed.

The man decided to go first because he couldn’t see his lover drowning in front of him. And thus, he jumped into the sea first. Now it was her turn, but she stood there and decided NOT to jump and she returned back home.

So, I think after this incident all the men decided to play safe. (Wink!)

Its all on you, which one is more Related.

But According to me, It is just a nice way of saying “Let me look at your ass while you walk in front of me”.

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