10 Lesser known Facts About Mia Khalifa That Will Make You Her Biggest Fan


Mia Khalifa is no less popular than any celebrity. In fact, she is a celebrity in the world of aduIt film industry. Well known to almost every adult, she performs her role exclusively. Here are some interesting facts about Mia Khalifa you should know if you are also a fan of her.

Mia Was Born In Beirut, Lebanon

Mia khalifa

Mia was born in the 1993, she was seven year old when her family moved to America, where she lived in Maryland.

She Loves Music

Mia khalifa

Mia loves going for concerts, she has a song themed on her own self. The song was written by and recorded by ‘Timeflies’.

Worked At Fast Food Restaurants


Before getting into adult film industry, Ma used to work at fast foods restaurant. She was working at a burger restaurant in Miami, and that’s where she was spotted by someone for adult films.

Reading Books

mia khalifa

Mia loves reading books and flipping pages from the books.

She Loves Pets

Mia khalifa

Mia really loves to haves pets , She already has 2 adorable cuties and 1 cat.

Ouch, Sorry Guys, She Is Married Already

Mia khalifa

Mia got married to an American man in the year 2011, at the age of 18. They are staying together in Florida. Sorry guys but no chance for you all.



Mia is not only an attractive person, but she is someone with who you can share your thoughts and hobbies.

She Is Great In Her Body Moves


Mia knows how to move her body in an attractive way, her moves in her song ‘Mia Khalifa’ have made her a top name in adult film industry.

She Is Full Of Fun

Mia khalifa

If you follow Mia on social media, you would see that she is a funny, as she posts some funny selfies and videos. She has sweet smile and knows how to make people laugh.

Mia Has Role Models Too

Mia khalifa

Like everyone, Mia too has role models, one of them is Kim Kardasian. Mia also admires  Sofia Vergara.

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