Undeniable Facts About Life You Need To Get Correct Right Now


Life is a sip of alluring chocolate if you keep it simple and a confused cocktail of emotions if you complicate it. Most of us don’t know where we are heading in our life and what do we want it to be like, but the problem starts when you try to define everything. That is because you are not on this earth to define, you are here to give it a meaning. We have been so distracted by the fairytales of expectations that we many times forget to see the truth despite it’s obvious.

Here are 20 of such undeniable facts about life realizing which you will be living a better life every moment.


  1. 1.   Our palm lines change throughout the life. So if you think our luck is already written, think again. It is probably our decisions and actions that define our luck.
  2. 2.   In life there is no charity. There is only exchange.
  3. 3.   You can’t buy love in your life, but you might have to heavily pay for it. So be careful before you fall in love.
  4. 4.   You can’t control everything in your life, so best way to be happy is to accept your situation and make the best out of it with hard work and persistence.
  5. 5.   The only one you can really depend upon is yourself.
  6. 6.   You have no idea when and how you will die. Plus the odds of your death keep changing throughout your life. So trust upon your death more than your life and live fully.
  7. 7.   In an average human lifetime, human skin replaces itself more than 900 times, so up to an extent, you can control color and texture of your skin by controlling your food habits.
  8. 8.   Hard work means nothing if your direction is wrong.
  9. 9.   Mental capabilities matter the most in life, not physical capabilities. A human can tame elephant, but an elephant can’t tame a human.
  10. 10.   Money does matter.
  11. 11.   Life doesn’t get easier, we just get better.
  12. 12.   Best way to stay happy is to mind your own business only.
  13. 13.   Eat your food in moderation. If you don’t treat your food as your medicine, you will have to treat medicines as your food.
  14. 14.   You are loved when born and loved when dead. In between people’s love for you will change. You have to manage it yourself.
  15. 15.   Being human is different than human being. Very few people understand it.
  16. 16.   If you want to walk fast, then, walk alone. But if you want to walk far, then walk together.
  17. 17.   Holding grudge for someone is allowing someone to live ‘rent free’ in your head.
  18. 18.   Not everyone you know is your friend.
  19. 19.   The world will criticize you even if you perform great.
  20. 20.   Guilt and regret won’t make your problems go away.

Most of people live their life striving for money, fame and sex to become respectable in others’ eyes. And surveys have revealed that at the death bed what people regret the most is that they didn’t have the courage to live a life they really wanted, but they lived the life that others expected them to live. Another biggest regret people have at the death bed is that they worked hard throughout their life and had no enough time for their family and loved ones. |

So don’t think too much, be yourself and live at your fullest. Need some daily motivation? Have a look at our exclusive range of t-shirts, you will love them.

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