It’s Not That I’m Lazy It’s Just I Don’t Care


It is too easy to get trapped in the dogma of society and of what others think about you. In your quest of being rocking to the world, you often hinder your possibilities of being the coolest one- yourself.


The moment you start caring about people’s opinions, you start changing and running away from your real self transforming into a totally different person than what you are. This sometimes causes problems and leaves you unhappy in the end. So, it’s always better to do what you actually like rather than what makes you liked.


If all of us cared about society, no entrepreneur or no crazy visionary could have ever emerged in this world. I realized this fact a hard way and hence became a happier and more successful person than ever in my life. There are many reasons why you should stop caring about “what others think”, but these few are just too important:


1. You will be a prisoner

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”
– Lao Tzu

In the process of getting ideal for people’s likes, you will trap yourself in your own mental prison where every step you take is supposed to be righteous for others. You can’t think outside of a certain, limited area of life which is not an ideal situation at all.


2. It’s your life
Only you must control your life. Why the hell would anyone have any right to rate you. You are a free being and should be free always. Giving in to their opinions about you would be allowing them to control your life and an abuse on your value to yourself.


3. Your dreams must not be compromised
All the work you do and every step that you take is for your own dreams, not for theirs. Getting fame and people’s appreciation might be the part of it but if you try to please each and every of them, you will end up far away from your dreams. No single person in this world is ever liked by everyone and you must realize it.


4. They don’t know what’s best for you
How would anyone know you better than yourself. Even the closest person in your life doesn’t know everything about you. They might be the one who care for you but it doesn’t mean that everything they tell you is always good for you. Something that’s good in their eyes might be completely wrong for you. Only you know what’s best for you.


5. They might be deceiving you
People know who listen to them can be controlled by their behavior. That’s why they try to demoralize you whenever they want to. They simply don’t want you to be ahead in the race. Listening to people is deceiving yourself from your inner self that knows exactly everything about you.


6. It affects your power of belief
The dream you have perceived might be crazy to its worst, it might be hard but your beliefs must not be weaker. Belief has the untamable power that we often underrate. Listening to people makes your own beliefs weaker and eventually you start following the negativities buried in your mind dooming yourself into failure.


6. It’s you who has to bear the end results
After all, no matter how much they love you or they care about you but it’s only you who will end up with the results. It’s always much better to regret for your own mistakes rather than blaming people and regretting for believing in others.


So never ever wait for people’s approval. If they think you are lazy and you can’t do it, just let them say it and make them know your potential by achieving it. Let your actions tell your story.


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