8 Ways Girls Reject Your Love Proposals (& How to Deal With Them)


Beware guys if you are going to fall in love. Mountains might not be green both the sides! In India especially where having a girlfriend is kind of a luxury in a boy’s life, it is very common for a girl to crumple your heart even if you truly love her. Here are 8 common ways girls reject boys and troll their hearts. After reading them, you might not want to propose a girl without being sure about her response first. Or at least you will be prepared for the backfire, in case you are falling in love with a girl 😛

  1. You’re like my brother
    That very creepy moment when she directly says you’re like my brother, the strings of Rakhi will start producing a grumpy music in your brain. It is very common way to reject a boy to associate a brotherly feeling with him and telling him that I never looked at you like that. Don’t even try to persuade such girl, you might not realize it, but you will never get favored by her.
  2. Love? My foot
    Typical statement by girls who don’t believe in the concept of love. They might be great gf material but for serious ones, they will never bring any happiness. Run away from her as soon as you hear this response. Even if you keep trying on her and get her in relationship with you, one day you will be ditched by her and all she will have to say is that “I told you, I don’t believe in love. I still don’t love you.” 😛
  3. Have you even seen your face?
    The most heartbreaking statement for boys, which has some chances of conversion though 😛 Many villains and Romeos were rejected using this line, but they were so confident that they challenged their crush and made them fall in love at last. However, if you are not a champ of this alley, better to avoid this too. Why lose your own value? Better to be with someone else instead. In such cases, mostly fixing your face won’t work, but making her woo with your personality & attitude will do.
  4. All boys are same
    When a girl has had some bad experience with someone in past, she will reply your proposal this way. Grab the opportunity, this is a girl you really need. She is the one who has got ditched or cheated in love and hence she will be a great lover too. All you have to do is to make her believe that you are not just another boy. You will keep her trust and make her happy. It will take time to persuade her, but it will be worth it.
  5. I can’t cheat my mom and dad
    Well, with this words, basically she want to say that you’re not what she wants but in case if you succeed to get along with her some day, you might still be ditched with the same reason. Girls who make excuses of their parental problems, can anytime bring it up to end the relationship. So give up on such girls. They will finally do arranged marriage and be a typical housewife, and it is good for them too.
  6. I need to focus on my career
    Probably the most demanding breed of girls who reject the love proposals. If a girl says that her career is important for her, believe it. It is. Don’t be desperate for girls who put their careers on forefront unless you are ok with her ambitious nature. Such girls are usually very responsible and dependable in relationships but they would hardly get some time for you. Either they will ask you to let her complete her studies and wait till then or they will simply neglect you in relationship.
  7. I’ve still not reached that age
    If a girl rejects you with this excuse, tell her that you don’t need her voter card or license to love her. Such girls are usually ready to be in relationship, but have some mental dilemmas about the age of love, which you can easily solve if you are good at that. To woo such girls, you just need great reasoning.
  8. I have a bf
    Now when she has a boyfriend, there are two chances- either she is loyal to him or you have some chances. In such case, it is up to you to figure out whether she can ditch her existing boyfriend for you or not. If she can, you should try it at your own risk. With girls involving recently ditched boyfriend, your love story might not run smooth. The best option in such case is to let her go and find someone else.


No matter what kind of the rejection you faced from the above-given list, it is important to know that love is based on commitment. If you are committed to get your girl, you can do it despite every obstacle. Just make sure that you don’t cross your limit in trying to win her. Be good and make her feel good, it always works.

And yes, don’t forget to dress up handsomely before you go to propose her. Stunning her at first sight is something that’ll snatch every argument out of her out.  Have a look at our premium and stylish t-shirts, they will definitely help you make a mark on her mind. The rest is upon you!

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